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Like many fathers and sons, Hans Canje and Ingo Hasselbach are at once strongly at odds and surprisingly similar. During World War II, Hans Canje was an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth, but after the end of the war, Canje met Kurt Goldstein, a Holocaust survivor and avid communist whose views had a powerful impact on Canje. Canje embraced communism, defected from West to East Germany during the height of the Cold War, and became a noted anti-fascist activist associated with the German Communist party. Like his father, Canje's son Ingo was also outspoken in his opposition to a divided Germany, but Ingo was a bitter opponent of communism, and out of disgust, changed his last name to Hasselbach. While Canje turned away from youthful Nazism, his rebellious son Hasselbach became the leader of an infamous neo-Nazi skinhead group and eventually spent time in prison for his terrorist activities. Today, Hasselbach claims to have renounced his Nazi views and is pursuing a career as an actor, while his father continues to write and edit an anti-fascist magazine. Lost Sons examines the strange and uncomfortable relationship between Canje and Hasselbach, who no longer speak to one another, as well as offering a glimpse of the many strange and seemingly contradictory paths German society and politics have taken in the wake of World War II. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi