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Lloyds of London Details


Lloyds of London traces the rise to prominence of the venerable British insurance company, as seen through the eyes of fictional 19th-century Londoner Jonathan Blake (Tyrone Power, in his first starring role). A lifelong friend of naval hero Lord Nelson, Blake puts his job (and the future existence of Lloyds) on the line when he announces Nelson's victory at Trafalgar -- before it takes place. For those not interested in policies and premiums, the script serves up a romance between Blake and the lovely Lady Elizabeth (Madeleine Carroll), the unhappily married spouse of snotty aristocrat Lord Everett Stacy (George Sanders). Among the few real-life historical personages depicted in the film is Lloyds founder John Julius Angerstein, played by Sir Guy Standing. A box-office bonanza, Lloyds of London proved that 23-year-old Tyrone Power could carry a picture -- and that the recently-formed 20th Century-Fox was truly a major Hollywood studio. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Freddie Bartholomew
as Young Jonathan Blake
Madeleine Carroll
as Lady Elizabeth Stacy
Tyrone Power
as Jonathan Blake
C. Aubrey Smith
as Old Q
Virginia Field
as Polly
George Sanders
as Lord Everett Stacy
J.M. Kerrigan
as Brook Watson
Una O'Connor
as Widow Blake
Forrester Harvey
as Percival Potts
Gavin Muir
as Sir Gavin Gore
E.E. Clive
as Magistrate
Miles Mander
as Jukes
Montagu Love
as Hawkins
Arthur Hohl
as First Captain
Lumsden Hare
as Capt. Suckling
Murray Kinnell
as Reverand Nelson
Billy Bevan
as Innkeeper
Ivan Simpson
as Old Man
Holmes Herbert
as Spokesman
Will Stanton
as Smutt
Elsa Buchanan
as Servant Girl
Reginald Barlow
as 2nd Captain
May Beatty
as Lady Markham
Lester Matthews
as Capt. Hardy
Vernon Steele
as Sir Thomas Lawrence
Barlowe Borland
as Joshua Lamb
Hugh Huntley
as Prince of Wales
Charles McNaughton
as Waiter at Lloyd's
Leonard Mudie
as Waiters at Lloyds
Charles Coleman
as Waiter at Lloyd's
Yorke Sherwood
as Dr. Sam Johnson
Ralph Cooper
Winter Hall
as Dr. Beatty
Constance Purdy
as Singer
Robert Greig
as Lord Drayton
Georges Renavent
as French Lieutenant
John Blood
as Doorman
D'Arcy Corrigan
as Chimney sweep
Olaf Hytten
as Telescope man
Cecil Weston
as Woman
D'Arcy Corrigan
as Chimney sweep
Georges Renavent
as French Lieutenant
Constance Purdy
as Singer
John Blood
as Doorman
Olaf Hytten
as Telescope man
Robert Greig
as Lord Drayton
Winter Hall
as Dr. Beatty


Henry King
Kenneth MacGowan
Darryl F. Zanuck
Curtis Kenyon
Screen Story
Walter Ferris
Ernest Pascal
Bert Glennon
Louis Silvers
Composer (Music Score)
Louis Silvers
Musical Direction/Supervision
Roger Heman
Sound/Sound Designer

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