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The Living Wake Details


A self-proclaimed artist and genius who has elevated his drab existence into a personal mythology organizes his final party, a living wake, in director Sol Tryon's absurdist black comedy. K. Roth Binew (Mike O'Connell) is about to live his last day. Abandoned by his father (Jim Gaffigan) as a young lad, Binew was raised by his nanny, Marla (Diane Kagan), and gradually grew to gain an appreciation for the arts. Though he would personally never complete a single work of art, he nevertheless considers himself an artist and has recently been told by his doctor that he will shortly expire of some mysterious, unnamed disease. Upon being informed of his dire situation, Binew boards his rickshaw and requests that his biographer and driver, Mills Joaquin (Jesse Eisenberg), transport him around town so that he may make his final arrangements. As the day wears on, Binew and Joaquin visit the local "liquirsmith" to procure spirits, arrange a Viking-style funeral for the eccentric "artist," and steal a goat for a personal picnic. Later, after Binew is attacked by his neighbor (Eddie Pepitone) and has his attempt to donate books at the local library refused, he hands out invitations to his final party. It is there that Binew will perform a short piece for his audience, and summarily drop dead on the spot. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:May 14, 2010


Mike O'Connell
as K. Roth Binew
Jesse Eisenberg
as Mills Joquin
Jim Gaffigan
as Lampert Binew
Ann Dowd
as Librarian
Eddie Pepitone
as Reginald
Jill Larson
as Alma Binew
Ami Ankin
as Mother
Harlan Baker
as Dr. Schoenberg
Bryan Brown
as Frank
Rebecca Comerfield
as Gypsy Psychic
Matthew Cowles
as Mossman
Ben Duhl
as Liquorsmith
Diane Kagan
as Marla
Jun Kim
as Ling
Michael Mandel
as Landlord
Mike O'Connell
as Passerby Man
Peter Paton
as Clock Maker
Stuart Rudin
as Waylon


Sol Tryon
Sol Tryon
Mike O'Connell
Chadwick Clough
Ami Ankin
Mike O'Connell
Mike O'Connell
Composer (Music Score)
Joe Klotz
Michael Grasley
Production Designer
Elizabeth Destro
Gabe Polsky
Alex Orlovsky
Associate Producer
Clara Markowicz
Executive Producer
Justin Leitstein
Executive Producer
Rob Bethge
Executive Producer
Charlie Corwin
Executive Producer
Negar Ali
Costume Designer
Rafaela Stacheter
Set Decorator
Anthony Viera
Sound/Sound Designer
John Moros
Sound/Sound Designer
Caroline Sinclair
Chadwick Clough
Line Producer
Cory Melious
Re-Recording Mixer