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Little Noises Details


Joey (Crispin Glover) thinks he's a writer, even though he's never written (or published) anything. He has advertised this "fact" to everyone he knows, but particularly to himself. He has an acquaintance, Marty (Matthew Hutton), who is mute but who writes like a dream. Of course, people try to ignore him the way they do every other "handicapped" person, and his writings go unnoticed. One day, Joey runs into a literary agent and hands him some of Marty's poetry. When the agent assumes that the work is Joey's, he allows him to believe that. Incredibly, (since poetry is not a big publishing moneymaker), the agent hands Joey some money as an advance on a book. Unable and unwilling to end his deception, Joey accepts the cash. Sooner or later, Joey is going to have to get hold of some more poems, though, and he may even have to face the truth about what he has done. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Crispin Glover
as Joey Kremple
Steven Schub
as Timmy Smith
Tatum O'Neal
as Stella Winslow
Rik Mayall
as Mathias Lichtenstein
Tate Donovan
as Elliott
Nina Siemaszko
as Dolores
Matthew Hutton
as Marty Slovack
Anthony Brito
Cathy Haase
Gianin Loffler
as Wayne Wacker
Barry Papick
Carole Shelley
as Aunt Shirley
Carolyn Farina
John C. McGinley
as Stu Slovack
Gianin Loffler
as Wayne Wacker
Carole Shelley
as Aunt Shirley


Jane Spencer
Michael Spielberg
Brad M. Gilbert
Henry Jaglom
Anthony Brito
Screen Story
Jane Spencer
Makoto Watanabe
Kurt Hoffmann
Composer (Music Score)
Charles Lagola
Production Designer