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Little Egypt Details


Little Egypt is a lighthearted "biopic" all about the hootchie-kootchie dancer who created a sensation at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. An incongruously redheaded Rhonda Fleming plays Izora, a cabaret dancer in old Cairo. American impresario Cyrus Graydon (Minor Watson) hopes to re-create an authentic Cairo street at the World's Fair, and to that end he ties up with fast-buck promoter Wayne Cravat (Mark Stevens) and a self-styled Pasha (Steven Geray). Graydon's plan is fulfilled, with one slight alteration; along for the ride is Izora, posing as an Egyptian princess. At Cravat's behest, Izora performs a belly dance at the World's Fair to draw in customers, resulting in a tempest of outrage stirred up by local blue-noses. Amusingly, while Little Egypt--aka Izora--is arrested for indecent exposure, by 1990s standards she is most modestly garbed; in fact, the audience never sees her famous bejeweled belly button. Perhaps realizing that no one could take this concoction seriously, the producers of Little Egypt wisely opted to play for laughs--and got them. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Mark Stevens
as Wayne Cravat
Rhonda Fleming
as Izora
Nancy Guild
as Sylvia Graydon
Charles Drake
as Oliver Doane
Tom D'Andrea
as Max
Minor Watson
as Cyrus Graydon
Steven Geray
as Pasha
Verna Felton
as Mrs. Doane
Kathryn Givney
as Cynthia Graydon
John Litel
as Shuster
Dan Riss
as Prosecutor
Leon Belasco
as Moulai
Jack George
as Meheddi
John Gallaudet
as O'Reilly
Freeman Lusk
as Spinelli
Fritz Feld
as Professor


Frederick de Cordova
Doris Gilbert
Oscar Brodney
Russell Metty
Joseph E. Gershenson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Bernard Herzbrun
Art Director
Robert Clatworthy
Art Director