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If a comedy is to be made from the plight of the homeless, who have to scrape through their days returning deposit bottles and cleaning car windshields to get their daily bread as the rich get richer and more heartless, it may as well be [[Performer~P83158~Mel Brooks~melbrooks]]' Life Stinks. The trademark [[Performer~P83158~Brooks~melbrooks]] humor dominates this fable about a ruthless billionaire, Goddard Bolt ([[Performer~P83158~Mel Brooks~melbrooks]]), who wants to obliterate a poor section of Los Angeles and build a high-tech commercial center in its place. His only problem is that he owns only half the land needed for the construction, the other half belonging to equally ruthless billionaire Vance Craswell ([[Performer~P69733~Jeffrey Tambor~jeffreytambor]]), who has his own ideas for the land. The two try to buy each other out until, finally, a deal is struck: Craswell bets that Bolt cannot survive a month on the streets as a homeless man. If Bolt makes it, he gets the property. If he doesn't, Craswell gets it. Bolt agrees and, as a poor man, he begins to feel the pain of being uprooted and alone, even meeting a friendly homeless woman, Molly ([[Performer~P74788~Lesley Ann Warren~lesleyannwarren]]) with whom he forms an attachment. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:July 26, 1991


Mel Brooks
as Goddard Bolt
Lesley Ann Warren
as Molly
Jeffrey Tambor
as Vance Crasswell
Stuart Pankin
as Pritchard
Howard Morris
as Sailor
Rudy de Luca
as J. Paul Getty
Theodore Wilson
as Fumes
Michael Ensign
as Knowles
Matthew Faison
as Stevens
Billy Barty
as Willy
Brian Thompson
as Mean Victor
Raymond O'Connor
as Yo
Carmine Caridi
as Flophouse Owner
Casey King
as Shopping Cart Chauffer
Christopher Birt
as Paramedic
Clifton Wells
as Taco Stand Owner
Darrow Igus
as Maynard
David Correia
as Policeman
George Berkeley
as Derelict Outside Flophouse
Stanley Brock
as Store Owner
Helene Winston
as Society Patron
Ronny Graham
as Priest
Jimmy Martinez
as Dancing Vagrant at Party
James Van Patten
as Male Nurse
Michael Pniewski
as Male Nurse
Marvin Braveman
as Dr. Kahahn
Martin Charles Warner
as Dirty Faced Vagrant at Party
John Welsh
as Dodd
Frank Roman
as Spanish Interpreter
Terrence Williams
as Boy Dancing in Doorway
Jim Mapp
as Blind Man
Henry Kaiser
as Newscaster
Tamara Taylor
as Newscaster
Carmen Filpi
as Pops
Patrick Valenzuela
as Street Person at Fight
Ralph Ahn
as Chinese Cook
Ralph Mauro
as Hors d'oeuvre Vagrant at Party
Robert Ridgely
as Fergueson
Robin Shepard
as Nurse
Rose DuCaine
as Dancing Dowager at Party
Saida Pagan
as Newscaster
Sam Menning
as Old Wino
Sammy Shore
as Reverend at Wedding
Stu Gilliam
as Desmond
Ira Miller
as Man at Fire
Jere Laird
as Stock Market Reporter
Joan Crosby
as Woman at Fire
Johnny Cocktails
as Burrito-Eating Bum
Angela Gordon
as Capacity Nurse
Kathryn Skatula
as Nurse
Larry Cedar
as Paramedic
Anne Betancourt
as Nurse
Marianne Muellerleile
as Head Nurse


Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
Ezra Swerdlow
Ron Clark
Rudy de Luca
Mel Brooks
Steve Haberman
Steven Poster
Michael Mulconery
Anthony Redman
David Rawlins
Peter Larkin
Production Designer
Kim Kurumada
Associate Producer
Marvin March
Set Designer
Mary Malin
Costume Designer
Jesse Wayne
Bill Shepard
Casting Director