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Director Tobe Hooper adapts Colin Wilson's edgy novel The Space Vampires in this in this horror/sci-fi epic with a cult following. The story concerns a joint British-American space probe of Hailey's Comet. Inside the comet, the astronauts, headed by Carlsen (Steve Railsback), find a spaceship that contains the dead bodies of several aliens, along with the naked bodies of three human-like creatures in suspended animation. They bring the aliens aboard the ship for examination, but the specimens are sloppily guarded and soon the trio spread contagion among the population of the ship. Returning to earth, the beautiful space vampire (Mathilda May) escapes into London and begins to feed of the bodies of the unwary Britons, turning the city into a zombie-populated wasteland. It is now left for Carlsen to stop the vampire invaders. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:June 21, 1985


Steve Railsback
as Commander Tom Carlsen
Peter Firth
as Inspector Caine
Frank Finlay
as Inspector Fallada
Mathilda May
as Space Girl
Patrick Stewart
as Dr. Armstrong
Michael Gothard
as Bukovsky
Nicholas Ball
as Derebridge
Aubrey Morris
as Sir Percy
Nancy Paul
as Ellen
John Hallam
as Lawson
Gary Hildreth
as Police Surgeon
Milton Cadman
as Soldier
William Lindsay
as Colonel's Aide
Geoffrey Frederick
as Communications Officer
Russell Sommers
as Navigation Officer
Chris Jagger
as Vampire
Michael Fitzpatrick
as 2nd N.A.S.A. Officer
Katherine Schofield
as Prime Minister's Secretary
Rupert Baker
as Soldier
Carl Rigg
as Radar Technician
Sydney Livingstone
as Ned Price
Richard Oldfield
as Mission Leader
Bill Malin
as Vampire
John Forbes-Robertson
as Minister
David Beckett
as Soldier
Peter Lovstrom
as Boy in Park
Sydney Kean
as Brash Guard
John Woodnut
as Metallurgist
Julian Firth
as Boy in Park
Elizabeth Morton
as Radar Technician
Nicholas Donnelly
as Police Inspector
Christopher Barr
as Trajectory Officer
Ken Parry
as Sykes
John Golightly
as Colonel
Haydn Wood
as Helicopter Pilot
Thom Booker
as 1st N.A.S.A. Officer
Jerome Willis
as Pathologist
Emma Jacobs
as Crew
Owen Holder
as 1st Scientist
Peter Porteous
as Prime Minister
Derek Benfield
as Physician
Burnell Tucker
as N.A.S.A. Man
David English
as Crew
Richard Sharpe
as Rescue Ship Crewman


Tobe Hooper
Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Don Jakoby
Dan O'Bannon
Alan Hume
Michael Kamen
Composer (Music Score)
Henry Mancini
Composer (Music Score)
James Guthrie
Composer (Music Score)
John Grover
John Graysmark
Production Designer
Robert Cartwright
Art Director
Alan Tomkins
Art Director
Tony Reading
Art Director
Terry Knight
Art Director
Michael J. Kagan
Associate Producer
Denise Exshaw
Set Designer
Simon Wakefield
Set Designer
Carin Hooper
Costume Designer
Nick Maley
Special Effects
John Dykstra
Special Effects
Tip Tipping
Peter Diamond
Dickie Mills
Sandra Exelby