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Letters from Iwo Jima Details


After bringing the story of the American soldiers who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima to the screen in his film [[Feature~V331335~Flags of Our Fathers~flagsofourfathers]], [[Performer~P88601~Clint Eastwood~clinteastwood]] offers an equally thoughtful portrait of the Japanese forces who held the island for 36 days in this military drama. In 1945, World War II was in its last stages, and U.S. forces were planning to take on the Japanese on a small island known as Iwo Jima. While the island was mostly rock and volcanoes, it was of key strategic value and Japan's leaders saw the island as the final opportunity to prevent an Allied invasion. Lt. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi ([[Performer~P74900~Ken Watanabe~kenwatanabe]]) was put in charge of the forces on Iwo Jima; Kuribayashi had spent time in the United States and was not eager to take on the American army, but he also understood his opponents in a way his superiors did not, and devised an unusual strategy of digging tunnels and deep foxholes that allowed his troops a tactical advantage over the invading soldiers. While Kuribayashi's strategy alienated some older officers, it impressed Baron Nishi ([[Performer~P155216~Tsuyoshi Ihara~tsuyoshiihara]]), the son of a wealthy family who had also studied America firsthand as an athlete at the 1932 Olympics. As Kuribayashi and his men dig in for a battle they are not certain they can win -- and most have been told they will not survive -- their story is told both by watching their actions and through the letters they write home to their loved ones, letters that in many cases would not be delivered until long after they were dead. Among the soldiers manning Japan's last line of defense are Saigo ([[Performer~P463319~Kazunari Ninomiya~kazunarininomiya]]), a baker sent to Iwo Jima only days before his wife was to give birth; Shimizu ([[Performer~P367466~Ryo Kase~ryokase]]), who was sent to Iwo Jima after washing out in the military police; and Lieutenant Ito ([[Performer~P347989~Shidou Nakamura~shidounakamura]]), who has embraced the notion of "Death Before Surrender" with particular ferocity. Filmed in Japanese with a primarily Japanese cast, Letters From Iwo Jima was shot in tandem with [[Feature~V331335~Flags of Our Fathers~flagsofourfathers]], and the two films were released within two months of one another. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 20, 2006


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Iris Yamashita Best Original Screenplay 2006 Nominee
Chicago Film Critics Association Iris Yamashita Best Original Screenplay 2006 Nominee
Chicago Film Critics Association Kyle Eastwood Best Original Score 2006 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Paul Haggis Best Original Screenplay 2006 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Lorenz Best Picture 2006 Nominee
San Diego Film Critics Association Clint Eastwood Best Director 2006 Winner
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Clint Eastwood Best Director (Runner-up) 2006 Winner
New York Film Critics Society Clint Eastwood Best Director (Runner-up) 2006 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Clint Eastwood Best Director 2006 Nominee
Broadcast Film Critics Association Clint Eastwood Best Director 2006 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Clint Eastwood Best Director 2006 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Clint Eastwood Best Picture 2006 Nominee
Chicago Film Critics Association Clint Eastwood Best Director 2006 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Steven Spielberg Best Picture 2006 Nominee
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Tom Stern Best Cinematography (Runner-up) 2006 Winner
Chicago Film Critics Association Tom Stern Best Cinematography 2006 Nominee


Ken Watanabe
as General Kuribayashi
Kazunari Ninomiya
as Saigo
Tsuyoshi Ihara
as Nishi, Baron
Ryo Kase
as Shimizu
Shidou Nakamura
as Lieutenant Ito
Hiroshi Watanabe
as Lieutenant Fujita
Takumi Bando
as Captain Tanida
Yuki Matsuzaki
as Nozaki
Takashi Yamaguchi
as kashiwara
Eijiro Ozaki
as Lieutenant Okubo
as Hanako
Nobumasa Sakagami
as Admiral Ohsugi
Luke Elliot
as Sam
Sonny Saito
as Medic Endo
Toshiya Agata
as Captain Iwasaki
Yoshi Ishii
as Private Yamazaki
Toshi Toda
as Colonel Adachi
Ken Kensei
as Maj. General Hayashi
Ikuma Ando
as Ozawa
Akiko Shima
as Lead Woman
Masashi Nagadoi
as Admiral Ichimaru
Mark Moses
as American Officer
Roxanne Hart
as Officer's Wife
Yoshio Iizuka
as Tired Soldier
Takuji Kuramoto
as Ono
Koji Wada
as Hashimoto
Akira Kaneda
as Japanese Soldier #1
Shoji Hattori
as Japanese Soldier #2
Mitsuyuki Oishi
as Japanese Soldier #4
Evan Ellingson
as Kid Marine
Kazuyuki Morosawa
as Ito's Guard
Masayuki Yonezawa
as Ito's Soldier
Mathew Botuchis
as American Marine
Yukari Black
as Mother
Daisuke Nagashima
as Prisoner
Kirk Enochs
as Marine Officer
Ryan Kelley
as Marine #2
Michael Lawson
as Marine #4
Taishi Mizuno
as Cave Soldier #1
Daisuke Tsuji
as Cave Soldier #2
Tsuguo Mizuno
as Lead Excavator
Mark Ofuji
as Kuribayashi's Guard
Hallock Beals
as Marine at Clearing
Ryan Carnes
as Marine at Clearing
Jeremy Glazer
as Marine Lieutenant
Ryoya Katsuyama
as Boy
Masashi Odate
as Cook
London Kim
as Okubo's Soldier
Skip Evans
as Pilots


Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Steven Spielberg
Robert Lorenz
Paul Haggis
Screen Story
Iris Yamashita
Screen Story
Iris Yamashita
Tadamichi Kuribayashi
Book Author
Tom Stern
Kyle Eastwood
Composer (Music Score)
Joel Cox
Tsuyoko Yoshida
Gary D. Roach
Henry Bumstead
Production Designer
James Murakami
Production Designer
Paul Haggis
Executive Producer
Deborah Hopper
Costume Designer
Gary Fettis
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Walt Martin
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Chad Finnerty
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