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Les Amitiés Particulieres Details


Jean Delannoy's This Special Friendship (Les Amities partculieres) is set in a boy's boarding school of the early 1930s. Two of the students, [[Performer~P39923~Francis Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] and [[Performer~P41283~Francois Leccia~francoisleccia]], become close friends. [[Performer~P39923~Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] has definite ideas concerning homosexuality: he's dead set against it, and is willing to blow the whistle on anyone whom he suspects to be "different." When [[Performer~P39923~Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] himself comes out of the closet, as it were, the loyal [[Performer~P41283~Leccia~francoisleccia]] arranges for the private meetings between [[Performer~P39923~Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] and his vis-a-vis [[Performer~P93718~Didier Haudepin~didierhaudepin]]. [[Performer~P7641~Michel Bouquet~michelbouquet]], a young priest assigned to teach at the school, begins to suspect that something "unnatural" is going on, whereupon [[Performer~P41283~Leccia~francoisleccia]] defensively spreads the rumor that [[Performer~P7641~Bouquet~michelbouquet]] is himself fooling around with some of the students. Dismissed from the school, [[Performer~P7641~Bouquet~michelbouquet]] has a heart-to-heart with [[Performer~P39923~Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] about being too judgmental. Torn about by indecision and conflicting emotions, [[Performer~P39923~Lacombrade~francislacombrade]] chooses the most drastic means of solving his own sexual ambiguity. Based on a novel by Les Amities Particulaires, This Special Friendship was considered controversial enough in 1964 to be held from American release for nearly three years. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Didier Haudepin
as Alexandre Motier
Francis Lacombrade
as Georges de Sarre
Michel Bouquet
as Father Trennes
Louis Seigner
as Father Lauzon
Lucien Nat
as The Father Superior
Francois Leccia
as Lucien Rouvere


Jean Delannoy
Christine Gouze-Rénal
Jean Aurenche
Pierre Bost
Roger Peyrefitte
Book Author
Christian Matras
Jean Prodromides
Composer (Music Score)
Louisette Hautecoeur