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Le Ruffian Details


Aldo (Lino Ventura) is a worker in a Canadian goldmine who escapes being murdered by a gang of marauding bandits as they kill off everyone in the camp except Aldo and two Native American workers and then nab the gold stores. The three survivors manage to kill off the assassins and discuss dividing the gold between them, but Aldo soon catches on that the other two intend to keep the gold for themselves. Aldo practices a little one-up-manship, escapes with the two heavy cases of gold, and then when his canoe goes over some rapids he loses it all. Not one to give up easily, Aldo recruits a wheelchair-bound friend and the friend's wife to help him retrieve the golden treasure from the turbulent waters of the river. With the additional help of Aldo's love interest (Claudia Cardinale) and another friend, the group salvage the gold -- but then have to face some stalwart competition in the form of the two Native Americans who have returned looking for their share of the treasure and a third party who also wants in on the take. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


José Giovanni
José Giovanni
Jean-Paul Schwartz
Ennio Morricone
Composer (Music Score)
Jacqueline Thiedot
Willy Holt
Production Designer
Gerard Viard
Production Designer
Willy Holt
Art Director
Patrick Rousseau
Sound/Sound Designer