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The works of Guy de Maupassant have likely been adapted by more French filmmakers than those of any other author (with the possible exception of Georges Simenon). Max Ophuls harnesses three Maupassant short stories to suit his artistic purposes in Maupassant (House of Pleasure). In "The Mask," an aging lothario (Jean Galland) learns more about himself than he cares to when he dons a mask to cover his wrinkles. In "The House of Madame Tellier," the proprietress of a brothel (Madeline Renaud) closes up shop one day for an unusual (for her) personal mission. And in "The Model," both the title character (Simone Simon) and her artist-lover (Daniel Gelin) pay the price for her romantic impulsiveness. Each of the playlets in Maupassant explore conflicting sides of human nature -- a theme common to both the works of Maupassant and the films of Ophuls. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:May 19, 1954


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Max Ophüls Best Black and White Art Direction 1954 Nominee


Claude Dauphin
as The Doctor [The Mask]
Jean Galland
as Ambroise [The Mask]
Gaby Morlay
as Denise, His Wife [The Mask]
Madeleine Renaud
as Mme. Tellier [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Daniel Gélin
as Jean [The Model]
Danielle Darrieux
as Rosa [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Simone Simon
as Josephine [The Model]
Jean Gabin
as Joseph Rivet [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Ginette Leclerc
as Flora [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Jean Servais
as The Friend/Narrator, French Version
Pierre Brasseur
as Julien Ledentu, the Salesman
Mathilde Casadesus
as Louise [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Charles Vissieres
as Old Man from Normandy [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Henri Cremieux
as [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Jean Mayer
as [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Emile Genevois
as The Groom
Peter Ustinov
as Narrator, English Version [The House Of Madame Tellie
Paulette Dubost
as Fernande [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Anton Walbrook
as Narrator, German Version [The House Of Madame Tellier
Marcel Pérès
as [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Jo Dest
as The German [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Louis Seigner
as Mr. Tourneveau [The House Of Madame Tellier]
Helena Manson
as Marie [The House Of Madame Tellier]


Max Ophüls
Max Ophüls
Max Ophüls
Jacques Natanson
Dialogue Writer
Jacques Natanson
Philippe Agostini
Christian Matras
Joe Hajos
Composer (Music Score)
Maurice Yvain
Composer (Music Score)
Leonide Azar
Max Ophüls
Production Designer
Georges Annenkov
Costume Designer
Guy de Maupassant
Short Story Author
Tony Aboyantz
Assistant Director
Jean Valere
Assistant Director