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An early screen version of the oft-filmed tale of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Law and Order was adapted by young screenwriter John Huston from W. R. Burnett's novel, which alters the names of the principals but few of the facts. The film opens with a montage of the settling of the West, concluding with the observation that lawless behavior soon followed in many settlements. Walter Huston plays Frame Johnson, a steely-eyed gambler whose three companions, Brant, Luther (Frame's brother), and Deadwood, form a team of sorts, wandering from town to town in search of a good poker game. Johnson's reputation as "the man that cleaned up Kansas, the killingest peace officer that ever lived" precedes him when he arrives in Tombstone, a town controlled by the Northrup brothers and their crooked sheriff, Fin Elder. A committee of lawful citizens, led by a judge, try to hire Johnson to clean up the town, but he's reluctant to pin on the badge again. Inevitably, he does, and there's a showdown that leaves a corral full of corpses. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi


Walter Huston
as Frame Johnson
Harry Carey
as Ed Brant
Raymond Hatton
as Deadwood
Russell Simpson
as Judge Williams
Russell Hopton
as Luther Johnson
Ralph Ince
as Poe Northrup
Harry Woods
as Walt Northrup
Richard Alexander
as Kurt Northrup
Alphonse Ethier
as Fin Elder
Andy Devine
as Johnny Kinsman
D'Arcy Corrigan
Nelson McDowell
Lois Wilson
as Girl
Walter Brennan
as Lanky Smith
Dewey Robinson
as Ed Deal
Walter Brennan
as Lanky Smith
Lois Wilson
as Girl


Edward L. Cahn
John Huston
Jackson Rose

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