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L'Audition Details


Quebecois actor and filmmaker Luc Picard takes the helm for this Genie Award-winning drama about an actor in search of the perfect role, and the pregnant girlfriend forced to make a life-changing decision. Forty-year old Louis (Picard) is a loud-mouthed repo-man who has nurtured a lifelong dream of becoming a successful actor. Fortunately for Louis his cousin is a casting agent, and he soon learns that local producers are seeking to fell the role of a father videotaping a final message for his two year-old son. Lately the strain of his job has been wearing not only on Louis, but his frustrated girlfriend Suzie (Suzanne Clement) as well. When Suzie discovers that she is pregnant, she immediately begins pondering the prospect of leaving Louis to raise the pair's child in a more stable environment. Though she hesitates to break the news to Louis for fear of how he will react, the news soon gets out when Louis spots Suzie showing off baby clothes to her circle of friends. When Suzie discovers that Louis has been practicing for the audition in secret and has since won the role, she determines to stick out the relationship just the low-level criminal's sordid past threatens to catch up with him in the most devastating manner imaginable. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:September 23, 2005


Awarded by
Genie Awards Jean-Francois Sauve Best Sound Editing 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Luc Picard Best Original Screenplay 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Luc Picard Best Actor 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Luc Picard Best Director 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Olivier Calvert Best Sound Editing 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Simon Meilleur Best Sound Editing 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Suzanne Clement Best Supporting Actress 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Daniel Belanger Best Song 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Denis Bernard Best Supporting Actor 2005 Winner
Genie Awards Diane Boucher Best Sound Editing 2005 Nominee
Genie Awards Francine Poirier Best Sound Editing 2005 Nominee


Luc Picard
Luc Martineau
Lorraine Richard
Luc Picard
Pierre Jodoin
Daniel Belanger
Composer (Music Score)
Gaetan Huot
Patrice Bengle
Production Designer
Ginette Pare
Production Designer
Vivianne Morin
Executive Producer
Louis Laverdiere
Executive Producer
Carmen Alie
Costume Designer
Jean-Francois Sauve
Sound/Sound Designer
Simon Meilleur
Sound/Sound Designer
Dominique Chartrand
Sound/Sound Designer
Olivier Calvert
Sound Editor
Diane Boucher
Sound Editor
Francine Poirier
Sound Editor