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Director [[Performer~P105319~Yasujiro Ozu~yasujiroozu]] (1903-63) was famous for dramas which focused tightly on the character of family members and friends making sacrifices for one another's happiness. In Akibiyori, a still-beautiful widow has a daughter who is sufficiently past the favored age for marriage to be in danger of becoming an old maid according to the norms of Japanese culture. Three mature men, friends of the family, get together to discuss the widow and her problem daughter. Despite the fact that they each would like to marry the mother, they agree that one of them should make the sacrifice of marrying the daughter. They discuss their marriage idea with the mother, not the daughter (as is customary). Somehow, the girl hears of it, and is infuriated. She has said all along that though she wants to get married someday, she wants to remain single for some time longer. Now she is angry enough to threaten to accept the family friend's suit simply out of spite. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Nobuo Nakamura
as Shuzo Taguchi
Setsuko Hara
as Akiko Miwa
Chishu Ryu
as Shukichi Miwa
Kuniko Miyake
as Nobuko
Mariko Okada
as Yukiko Sasaki
Fumio Watanabe
as Tsuneo Sugiyama
Keiji Sada
as The Young Man
Shin Saburi
as Soichi Mamiya
Sadako Sawamura
as Fumiko
Miyuki Kuwano
as Michiko


Yasujiro Ozu
Yasujiro Ozu
Kogo Noda
Yushun Atsuta
Yuharu Atsuta
Kojun Saito
Composer (Music Score)
Takanobu Saito
Composer (Music Score)
Kojun Saito
Tatsuo Hamada
Art Director