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The traditions of the western and the gangster film meet head-on in this dark crime drama. Jericho is a small town in Texas that in the 1920s looks much like it did in the 1860s, except that two violent gangs of rival bootleggers have driven away nearly all of the citizens not involved in the booze racket. Strozzi ([[Performer~P21401~Ned Eisenberg~nedeisenberg]]) leads a gang of Italian rum-runners with the help of his right-hand-man Giorgio ([[Performer~P34393~Michael Imperioli~michaelimperioli]]), while Doyle ([[Performer~P37499~David Patrick Kelly~davidpatrickkelly]]) is the head of an Irish mob, with Hickey ([[Performer~P74206~Christopher Walken~christopherwalken]]) serving as his enforcer; the town's sheriff, Ed Galt ([[Performer~P18703~Bruce Dern~brucedern]]) is powerless to stop the crime in Jericho, and he mainly tries to stay out of the way and keep an uneasy peace between Strozzi and Doyle. John Smith ([[Performer~P76618~Bruce Willis~brucewillis]]) is a ruthless and amoral gunman on the run from the law who passes through Jericho on his way to Mexico. Sizing up the situation, Smith quickly hatches a scheme by which he'll sell his services first to one of the gangs, and then the other, eventually turning the two sides against each other while he stays in the middle and takes the profits generated by both sides. Writer and director [[Performer~P94395~Walter Hill~walterhill]] based his screenplay on [[Performer~P98309~Akira Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]]'s classic samurai picture [[Feature~V55840~Yojimbo~yojimbo]], which also inspired [[Performer~P99378~Sergio Leone~sergioleone]]'s ground-breaking spaghetti western [[Feature~V17610~A Fistful of Dollars~afistfulofdollars]]. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Bruce Willis
as John Smith
Christopher Walken
as Hickery
Bruce Dern
as Sheriff Ed Galt
Michael Imperioli
as Giorgio
Alexandra Powers
as Lucy
David Patrick Kelly
as Doyle
Leslie Mann
as Wanda
Lin Shaye
as The Madame
Matt O'Toole
as Burke
Michael Cavalieri
as Berto
Michael Cordeiro
as Strozzi Gang
Michael Lerner
as Strozzi Gang
Michael Prozzo
as Roca
Michael Strasser
as Docker
Arnie Alpert
as Strozzi Gang
Ned Eisenberg
as Strozzi
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Finn
Philip Ciano
as Strozzi Gang
Rick Merring
as Doyle Gang
Robert Coffee
as Strozzi Gang
Scott Pierce
as Doyle Gang
Scott Strand
as Doyle Gang
Sonny D'Angelo
as Strozzi Gang
Ted Markland
as Deputy Bob
Timothy Gallegos
as Strozzi Gang
Tiny Ron
as Jacko The Giant
Raynor Scheine
as Gas Station Attendant
Luis Contreras
as Comandante Ramirez
Ken Jenkins
as Capt. Pickett
R.D. Call
as McCool
Randy Hall
as Doyle Thug/Doyle Gang
Christopher Doyle
as Brothel Thug
Jim Palmer
as Brothel Thug
Tom Rosales
as Ramirez Bodyguard
John Paxton
as The Undertaker
Carmine Grippo
as Strozzi Gang
Cassandra Gava
as Barmaid
Dana Bambo
as Strozzi Gang
Dean Rader-Duval
as Donnie
Hannes Frisch
as Santo
Andrew Alden
as Strozzi Gang
Jillian McWhirter
as Annabelle
Jim Wilkey
as Doyle Gang
Jimmy Ortega
as Ramirez Bodyguard
Ken Medlock
as Strozzi Gang
Kerry Lynch
as Doyle Gang
Larry Holt
as Border Patrolman
Edward Rote
as Doyle Gang
Allan Graf
as Convoy Driver
William Sanderson
as Joe Monday
Bill Rochon
as Strozzi Gang


Walter Hill
Walter Hill
Arthur Sarkissian
Ryuzo Kikushima
Screen Story
Walter Hill
Lloyd Ahern, Jr.
Ry Cooder
Gary Wissner
Production Designer
Barry Chusid
Art Director
Paula Heller
Associate Producer
Sara Risher
Executive Producer
Michael De Luca
Executive Producer
Lee Orloff
Sound/Sound Designer
Jeffrey Wetzel
First Assistant Director
Allan Graf
Barbara Cohen
Eric Fitzgerald
Title Design
Toby Emmerich
Executive Music Producer
Nerses Gezalyan
Foley Mixer
Thell Reed