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Last of the Dogmen Details


A mountain man goes on a routine manhunt and finds himself embroiled in solving a supernatural mystery in this fantasy/adventure. The tale is set in the wilds of Montana. Lewis Gates is a heavy-drinking tracker who is called to sober up and hit the backcountry to find three murderous fugitives from the local prison. For him it is a routine assignment. But then a strange thing happens. He is almost upon their camp when he hears several whoops and shouts. He goes to the site, but finds nothing but blood, a lone arrow, and a brief sight of someone fleeing on horseback. He travels back to town and tells his story, but no one believes him, least of all the sheriff whose late daughter had been married to the mountain man before she drowned -- something the sheriff still blames the tracker for. But Gates is by then obsessed with solving the mystery and so forces himself into the library to do a little research. He soon learns that over the years 17 such unsolved mysteries have occurred and that in 1935 authorities brought to jail a naked Indian boy found running along the railroad tracks. They locked him in jail, but the boy somehow escaped and disappeared. The tracker enlists the aide of a female anthropologist who explains that over a century ago Cheyenne dog soldiers had lived in the area until the Europeans slaughtered them. The two travel deep into the wilderness and at last discover a strange waterfall. Behind it lies an ancient Cheyenne village, a peaceful place much like the Shangri-La of adventure-fantasy movies past. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Tom Berenger
as Lewis Gates
Barbara Hershey
as Prof. Lillian Sloan
Kurtwood Smith
as Sheriff Deegan
Robert Donley
as Old Timer
Molly Parker
as Nurse
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Sears
Sherwood Price
as Tracker
Andrew Miller
as Briggs
Georgie Collins
as Senior Editor
Wilford Brimley
as Narrator
Parley Baer
as Mr Hollis
Steve Reevis
as Yellow Wolf
Mark Boone, Jr.
as Tattoo


Tab Murphy
Hannah Hempstead
Joel B. Michaels
Tab Murphy
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
David Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
David Arnold
Richard Halsey
Donald Heitzer
Associate Producer
Mario Kassar
Executive Producer
Elsa Zamparelli
Costume Designer
David Ronne
Sound/Sound Designer
Rene Villarreal
First Assistant Director
Bette Chadwick
David Kelson
Sound Mixer
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Elizabeth Lang
Cathy Sandrich
Gerardo Barrera
Production Manager