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Filmmaker Gus Van Sant wrote and directed this meditation on stardom and its costs, inspired in part by the life and death of rock musician Kurt Cobain. Blake (Michael Pitt) is the leader of an influential alternative rock band who has unexpectedly won a large degree of fame and fortune. Depressed and unsure of what to do with himself or his success, Blake wanders about the run-down mansion he calls home and the visits the woods nearby. While a handful of friends live with Blake, he prefers to avoid them, as they often seem more interested in money or help with their music than in his friendship; meanwhile, Blake is also confronted by a handful of fans, his agent, and a gentleman who sells advertising space in a telephone directory and has no idea who Blake is. As Blake goes through the motions of his day, he tries to decide what he should do next, and what might finally free him from his ennui. Shot and edited in the same languid, low-key manner as his films Michael Pitt and Michael Pitt, Last Days also stars Lukas Haas, Asia Argento, Scott Green, Ricky Jay, and Harmony Korine. Kim Gordon of the band Sonic Youth also appears in the film, while her husband and bandmate Thurston Moore was a consultant for the musical score; both were friends of Kurt Cobain and toured in tandem with Nirvana on several occasions. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 22, 2005


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Harris Savides Best Cinematography 2005 Nominee


Michael Pitt
as Blake
Lukas Haas
as Luke
Asia Argento
as Asia
Scott Patrick Green
as Scott
Nicole Vicius
as Nicole
Ricky Jay
as Detective
Ryan Orion
as Donovan
Harmony Korine
as Guy In Club
Kim Gordon
Adam Friberg
as Elder Friberg #1
Andy Friberg
as Elder Friberg #2
Chip Marks
as Tree Trimmer


Gus Van Sant
Dany Wolf
Gus Van Sant
Harris Savides
Gus Van Sant
Tim Grimes
Art Director
Jay Hernandez
Associate Producer
Michelle Matland
Costume Designer
Leslie Schatz
Sound/Sound Designer
Felix Andrew
Sound/Sound Designer
Dany Wolf
First Assistant Director
Thurston Moore
Dany Wolf
Production Manager
Neil Riha
Sound Mixer
Mali Finn
Jen Wall
Production Supervisor
Leslie Saulter-Yacuk
Lead Scenic Artist
Karen Cinorre
David Rapaport
Casting Associate
Lindsay Feldman
Assistant Production Coordinator
Marshall Garlington
Re-Recording Mixer
Derek Yip
Production Accountant
Jennifer Truelove
Second Assistant Director
Teresa Bianchi
Production Coordinator
Greg Sullivan
Scenic Artist
Lori Eastside
Additional Casting