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Dan Zukovic wrote and directed the L.A. social satire The Last Big Thing. He also stars in the film as Simon Geist, a self-styled intellectual, cultural critic, and agent provocateur . Simon is spewing his bile about the millennial decline of popular culture to the oblivious patrons of a video store when he gets the attention of Darla (Susan Heimbeinder). Darla, a "trust fund baby" who resentfully accepts her father's financial support, responds to Simon's nihilistic rhetoric and his air of certainty. She's drawn to "the mystery of someone who appears to have an agenda." Soon, Darla is helping Simon by setting up interviews with up-and-coming actors and alternative bands for his magazine, "The Next Big Thing." Of course, the magazine doesn't actually exist, and the interviews Simon conducts are essentially performance art pieces in which he insults his subjects for their complicity in the destruction of American culture. Darla is in love with Simon, who consents to live with her (off her father's money) but is cold to her. Although she keeps her collection of 1970s TV show memorabilia a deep dark secret, he constantly derides her for her unwitting participation in our degraded culture. One of the actors Simon interviews, Brent (Mark Ruffalo of You Can Count on Me) loses his gig on a TV medical drama, and shows up on Simon's doorstep, saying he's in a "period of re-evaluation," and Darla nervously welcomes him into their circle. Simon also interviews a pretty model, Tedra (Pamela Dickerson), who sees through his magazine ruse instantly. Tedra is still intrigued with Simon, and gets him a job directing a music video for a hot new band he'd previously interviewed. Meanwhile, Darla begins producing her own magazine, which will expose the truth about her relationship with Simon, and his sordid past. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:September 25, 1998


Dan Zukovic
Valadimir Perlovich
Anthony Rubinstein
Dan Zukovic
Farhad Behroozi
Cole Coonce
Markus Lofstrom
Martina Buckley
Production Designer
Giolliosa Fuller
Art Director
Joe Curio
Associate Producer
Tony Raugust
Associate Producer
Philip Starr
Executive Producer
David Barnett
Executive Producer
Tami Stover
Costume Designer
Lee Howell
Sound/Sound Designer
M. David Mullen
Camera Operator
Ann Maney
Mitch Mayer
Co-Executive Producer
Frank Morant
Co-Executive Producer
Susan Alschuler
Co-Executive Producer
Gale Bailey
Co-Executive Producer