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The Last Airbender Details


Suspense auteur M. Night Shyamalan takes a break from crafting original screenplays to tell this tale of a 12-year-old boy (Noah Ringer) who provides the last hope for restoring harmony to a land consumed by chaos. In a world balanced on the four nations of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, people known as the Waterbenders, Earthbenders, Firebenders, and Airbenders have mastered their native elements. Though the masters can each manipulate their native elements, the only one with the power to manipulate all four elements is a young boy known as the Avatar. When the Avatar subsequently appears to die while still mastering his powers, the Fire nation launches a global war with the ultimate goal of global domination. One hundred years later, two teens discover that the Avatar and his flying bison have in fact been locked in suspended animation. Upon being freed from his prison, the Avatar embarks on an arduous quest to restore harmony among the four war-ravaged nations. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:July 1, 2010


Noah Ringer
as Aang
Nicola Peltz
as Katara
Dev Patel
as Zuko
Jackson Rathbone
as Sokka
Shaun Toub
as Uncle Iroh
Aasif Mandvi
as Commander Zhao
Cliff Curtis
as Fire Lord Ozai
Katharine Houghton
as Katara's Grandma
Francis Guinan
as Master Pakku
Damon Gupton
as Monk Gyatso
Summer Bishil
as Azula
Randall Duk Kim
as Old Man in Temple
Edmund Ikeda
as Old Man of Kyoshi Town
John Noble
as The Dragon Spirit
Manu Narayan
as Fire Nation Head Prison Guard
Kevin W. Yamada
as Earth Kingdom Prisoner
Ted Oyama
as Kyoshi Villager
George DeNoto
as Teahouse Child
Ryan Shams
as Lead Archer
Brian Johnson
as Water Tribe Soldier


M. Night Shyamalan
M. Night Shyamalan
Sam Mercer
Frank Marshall
M. Night Shyamalan
Andrew Lesnie
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Conrad Buff
Philip Messina
Production Designer
Richard L. Johnson
Supervising Art Director
Gerald Sullivan
Art Director
Robert Fechtman
Art Director
Patrick M. Sullivan, Jr.
Art Director
Jose L. Rodriguez
Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Producer
Scott Aversano
Executive Producer
Michael Dante DiMartino
Executive Producer
Bryan Konietzko
Executive Producer
Noelle King
Set Designer
David Chow
Set Designer
Alan Au
Set Designer
George R. Lee
Set Designer
Lawrence Hubbs
Set Designer
Judianna Makovsky
Costume Designer
Larry Dias
Set Decorator
Randy Thom
Sound/Sound Designer
John Rusk
First Assistant Director
Douglas Aibel
Chris Munro
Sound Mixer
Meagan Costello
Assistant Editor
Allen Kupetsky
Second Assistant Director
Ivana Primorac
Hair Styles
Ivana Primorac
Malcolm Fife
Foley Editor
Mary Cybulski
Script Supervisor
Alison O'Brien
Visual Effects Producer
Rick Kline
Re-Recording Mixer
Randy Thom
Supervising Sound Editor
Randy Thom
Re-Recording Mixer
Christine Sysko
Sandra Linn Koepper
Key Make-up
Scott Guitteau
Sound Effects Editor
Colette Dahanne
Sound Effects Editor
Deborah Cha Blevins
Costumes Supervisor
Phil Pastuhov
Aerial Photography
Jeff Habberstad
Stunts Coordinator
Jeff Habberstad
Second Unit Director
Diane Heller
Steve Slanec
ADR Supervisor
Pablo Helman
Visual Effects Supervisor
Pete Horner
Sound Effects Editor
David Raynor
Production Coordinator
Lisa Tomczeszyn
Assistant Costume Designer
Neri Kyle Tannenbaum
Unit Production Manager
Steve Cremin
Special Effects Coordinator
Richard Hymns
Supervising Sound Editor
Brick Mason
Storyboard Artist
Jim Scaife
Production Supervisor
Laurent Ben-Mimoun
Conceptual Design