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Larger Than Life Details


Bill Murray teams up with his biggest co-star to date (with the exception of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) in this family-oriented comedy. Jack Corcoran (Bill Murray) is a motivational speaker who makes his living advising others how to tie up the loose ends of their lives, but he has plenty of his own left dangling. Jack is emotionally at the mercy of his mother (Anita Gillette) and his fiancée Celeste (Maureen Mueller), while his booking agent Walter (Jeremy Piven) keeps promising him bigger and better things that don't materialize. Jack has grown up believing that his father died before he was born while trying to rescue a drowning child, but he learns that was not the case at all -- Dad spent a long career working as a circus clown, and died only a few weeks ago. However, Dad was kind enough to bequeath Jack a large stack of debts and his only tangible asset, an Indian elephant named Vera (Tia). Jack is in no position to keep a pachyderm at home, and he has two options for getting rid of the animal -- sell Vera to Terry (Linda Fiorentino), a mean spirited animal trainer, or donate her to Mo (Janeane Garofalo), a zoologist who hopes to return her to the wilds. Either way, Jack has to get Vera from the East Coast to California, and in order to make an important speaking engagement, he and the elephant have five days to cross the country. Larger Than Life also features Matthew McConaughey as an excitable truck driver; Keith David, Harve Presnell, and Pat Hingle also highlight the supporting cast. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Bill Murray
as Jack Corcoran
Janeane Garofalo
as Mo
Matthew McConaughey
as Tip Tucker
Linda Fiorentino
as Terry Bonura
Keith David
as Hurst
Pat Hingle
as Vernon
Jeremy Piven
as Walter
Tracey Walter
as Wee St. Francis
Maureen Mueller
as Celeste
Anita Gillette
as Mom
Lois Smith
as Luluna
Harve Presnell
as Trowbridge Bowers


Howard Franklin
Richard Barton Lewis
John K. Watson
Pen Densham
Pen Densham
Garry Williams
Elliot Davis
Miles Goodman
Sid Levin
Marcia Hinds-Johnson
Production Designer
Bo Johnson
Art Director
Sue Baden-Powell
Executive Producer
Guy East
Executive Producer
Wolfgang Glattes
Executive Producer
John M. Dwyer
Set Designer
Jane Robinson
Costume Designer
Thomas D. Causey
Sound/Sound Designer
Tricia Tomey
Gail Levin