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The intertwined lives of four couples living in and around Sydney, Australia, form the structure for this drama masquerading as a whodunit. Andrew Bovell freely adapted his play, Speaking in Tongues, opening up the action, as the geography and topography of Sydney and its suburbs become major characters as well. The film opens with a shot of what looks like a corpse entangled in a thick stand of branches -- the title plant, which grows in profusion in Australia. Bovell and director Ray Lawrence take their time in explaining whose body that is and then slowly reveal, with no help from a number of red herrings, how it happened to be there. The principal players are Valerie Somers (Barbara Hershey), a psychiatrist with issues over her child, a murder victim; her husband, John Knox (Geoffrey Rush), an aloof professor whom she suspects of infidelity; Leon Zat (Anthony LaPaglia), a police detective cheating on his wife, Sonja (Kerry Armstrong), who is a patient of Valerie's. Zat's mistress, Jane O'May (Rachael Blake), is someone he met at a dancing class his wife dragged him to; she is estranged from her husband, Pete (Glenn L. Robbins). Their neighbors, Paula (Daniela Farinacci) and Nik D'Amato (Vince Colosimo), try to stay neutral in the O'Mays' split; she works days as a nurse and he's unemployed and minds their children. Suspicion around the disappearance of one character manages to enmesh all of the others. Bovell's stories are about secrets, real and imagined, and how they can poison relationships. The film virtually swept all the major awards at the Australian Film Institute's annual ceremony, though its reception in the States was mildly respectful. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi

  • Release date:December 14, 2001


Anthony LaPaglia
as Leon Zat
Geoffrey Rush
as John Knox
Barbara Hershey
as Dr. Valerie Somers
Kerry Armstrong
as Sonja Zat
Rachael Blake
as Jane O'May
Vince Colosimo
as Nik D'Amato
Peter Phelps
as Patrick Phelan
Leah Purcell
as Claudia Weis


Ray Lawrence
Jan Chapman
Andrew Bovell
Mandy Walker
Tony Campbell
Art Director
Mikael Borglund
Executive Producer
Rainer Mockert
Executive Producer
Margot Wilson
Costume Designer
Andrew Plain
Sound/Sound Designer
Jamie Crooks
First Assistant Director
Susie Maizels