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La Jument Verte Details


In this French drama a horse dealer is quite surprised when one of his mares foals a green colt. The verdant critter brings his family fame and fortune. When the mare dies, her picture is hung in a prominent place in the house. It is not long after her death, that the dealer dies, leaving his land to his two sons. Things are well until a jealous neighbor turns them in to the Prussians. When the boy's mother gives herself to a Prussian officer to save her son, she does not realize that her son and his friends are under the bed. The lad swears to have revenge on the traitorous neighbor, and indeed he does. Fifteen years later, the boy seduces his neighbor's daughter. Unfortunately his brother, not knowing of his mother's disgrace, nominates the wicked neighbor for mayor. The vengeful brother is even more enraged when he discovers that the neighbor's family has known about the betrayal all along. To add insult to injury, his daughter has fallen in love with the neighbor's son! Unable to bear it any longer, the brother forces the neighbor's son under his bed and makes him listen to the love-making between the brother and the boy's mother (who willingly sacrifices her honor for him.) ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


as Honore Haudoin
Francis Blanche
as Ferdinand Haudoin
Yves Robert
as Zephe Maloret
Sandra Milo
as Marguerite Maloret
Valerie Lagrange
as Juliette Haudoin
Georges Wilson
as Honore's Father
Marie Mergey
as Adelaide
Nicole Mirel
as Aline
Claude Sainlouis
as Noel Maloret
Mireille Perrey
as Madame Houdoin
Marie Déa
as Anais Maloret


Claude Autant-Lara
Claude Autant-Lara
Alain Poiré
Jean Aurenche
Pierre Bost
Jacques Natteau
Madeleine Gug
Max Douy
Art Director
Rosine Delamare
Costume Designer
Marcel Ayme
Short Story Author