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La Femme Nikita Details


The serpentine plotline of Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita begins its 117-minute slither when punkish, psychotic, and drug-ridden Nikita (Anne Parillaud) fires her gun into a cop's face following the stick-up of a drug store, and is promptly imprisoned. She is thrown into a dank cell, then injected with a substance and told it is a lethal toxin. Instead of dying, however, the comes to in an all-white interrogation room, where French intelligence officer Bob (Tchéky Karyo), informs her that an alternate to execution exists: she can receive covert government training as an assassin. She accepts the bid, is rigorously trained, and later returns to society as a seemingly normal and gentle civilian, but falls in love with a drugstore employee while she's waiting for that first government assignment. The paradoxical concept of a young woman blossoming socially while carrying out cold-blooded murders was downplayed when La Femme Nikita was remade in America as the silly and disappointing Point of No Return, directed by John Badham with Bridget Fonda in the lead. A far less sociopathic TV-series version of La Femme Nikita surfaced on the USA cable network in early 1997. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 1, 1991


Awarded by
French Academy of Cinema Anne Parillaud Best Actress 1990 Winner


Anne Parillaud
as Nikita
Jean-Hugues Anglade
as Marco
Tchéky Karyo
as Bob
Jeanne Moreau
as Amande
Jean Reno
as Victor the Cleaner
Roland Blanche
as Police Investigator
Jean Bouise
as l'attache ambassade
Philippe du Janerand
as Ambassador
Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu
as Commander Grosmann
Marc Duret
as Rico
Jacques Boudet
as Pharmacist
Mathieu Archer
as Bob
Michel Campa
as Eavesdropper
Eric Prat
as agent immobilier
Jean-Pierre Pauty
as Man-George V Bar
Maurice Antoni
as Ambassador's Bodyguard
Jacques Disses
as Lawyer
Gerard Touratier
as Guard - Armoured Entrance
Patrick Serriere
as Bob, Chauffeur
Rodolphe Freytt
as 1st Male Nurse
Jose Steinmann
as Restaurant Bodyguard
Stephane Fey
as Presiding Judge
Patrick Buiquangda
as 3rd Restaurant Bodyguard
Iska Khan
as Man in the Restaurant
Vincent Skimenti
as Police Pharmacist
Heike Fisher
as Woman in Restaurant
Philippe Dehesdin
as 1st Magistrate
Helene Aligier
as Pharmacist
Pierre-Alain DeGarrigues
as Police Pharmacist
Fausto Constantino
as Guard
Laurent Lesdema
as Dance Instructor
Bruno Randon
as Police Pharmacist
Guy VanRiet
as Paternal Detective
Alain Lathiere
as Zap
Joseph Teruel
as Police Trainee
Olivier Hemon
as Tardy Man
Mia Frye
as Newspaper Woman
Christian Gazio
as Ambassador's Bodyguard
Pavel Slaby
as 2nd Male Nurse
Laura Cheron
as Punk
Philippe Hernando
as Barracks Orderly
Jean-Marie Merchet
as Judo Instructor
Patrick Fontana
as Coyotte
Pierrick Charpentier
as 1st Office Detective
Hubert Gillet
as Office Detective
Roland Gueridon
as Chaplain
Jean Bedin
as Storekeeper - Gunsmith's
Alexander Koumpan
as Ambassador's Servant
Renos Mandis
as Firearms Instructor
Jean-Luc Caron
as Computer Instructor
Edith Perret
as Woman - Real Estate Agency
Michel Brunot
as 2nd Magistrate
Petronille Moss
as Waiter
Michele Amiel
as Police Officer
Eddie Gaydu
as 2nd Bodyguard
Rafael Sultan
as 2nd Office Detective


Luc Besson
Jean Bouise
Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Nicholas Seydoux
Mario Cecchi Gori
Luc Besson
Thierry Arbogast
Eric Serra
Composer (Music Score)
Olivier Mauffroy
Dan Weil
Production Designer
Julie Sfez
Set Designer
Jérôme Chalou
Line Producer