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Lady on a Train Details


Deanna Durbin offered her fans a change of pace in this mystery story seasoned with elements of comedy and music. Nikki Collins (Durbin) is a small-town girl visiting New York City to meet with Mr. Haskell (Edward Everett Horton), her family's attorney. As her train pulls into the station, she looks out her window into a nearby office building. She's shocked by what she sees -- a man is being strangled to death, and while she can't see the face of the killer, she gets a good look at the victim. Terrified, Nikki immediately goes to the police, but they think that her story is simply the product of an overactive imagination and send her on her way. Nikki, however, is certain that she witnessed a murder, and she approaches mystery writer Wayne Morgan (David Bruce) to help her piece together the facts of what happened. Thanks to a newsreel, Nikki is able to recognize the victim as Mr. Waring, a wealthy man who made his fortune in shipping; she attempts to contact Waring's family, but they're convinced that Nikki is a nightclub singer with whom the tycoon was having an affair. Hoping to contact the chanteuse in question, Nikki visits the club where she works, only to discover that she's also been murdered. Nikki soon finds herself being trailed by both Jonathan (Ralph Bellamy) and Arnold (Dan Duryea), two members of Waring's family whom she believes may have been involved in the crime, and could be trying to silence her once and for all. Like most of Durbin's vehicles, Lady on a Train's plot stops every now and then to give her the opportunity to sing a song; Western fans may want to keep an eye peeled for future cowboy star Lash LaRue, who has a small role as a waiter. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 17, 1945


Deanna Durbin
as Nikki Collins
Ralph Bellamy
as Jonathan Waring
Edward Everett Horton
as Mr. Haskell
Dan Duryea
as Arnold Waring
George Coulouris
as Mr. Saunders
David Bruce
as Wayne Morgan
Allen Jenkins
as Danny
Patricia Morison
as Joyce Williams
Maria Palmer
as Margo Martin
Elizabeth Patterson
as Aunt Charlotte
Samuel S. Hinds
as Mr. Wiggam
William Frawley
as Sgt. Christie
Jacqueline De Wit
as Miss Fletcher
Thurston Hall
as Josiah Waring
Mary Forbes
as Cousin
Sarah Edwards
as Cousin
Nora Cecil
as Woman with Umbrella
Hobart Cavanaugh
as Drunk
William Frawley
as Police Captain
Eddie Bartell
as Sound Track
Bert Moorhouse
as Reporter
Sam McDaniel
Charles Cane
as New York Policeman
Eddie Bruce
Matt McHugh
as Drunk
Mabel Forrest
as Wife
Kathleen O'Malley
as Photographer
Karen Randle
as Cigarette Girl
Al Ferguson
as Workman
Tom Dugan
as Turnkey
Bert Roach
as Fat Man
Ralph Peters
as Taxi Driver
Jack Norton
as Santa Claus
Alice Fleming
as Mrs. Brown
Charles Sherlock
Lash LaRue
as Waiter
Barbara Bates
as Hatcheck Girl
Clyde Fillmore
as Cousin
Eddie Acuff
as New York Cab Driver
George Lloyd
Charles Deschamps
as Hairdresser
George Lewis
Eddie Dunn
as Clerk
Dick Hirbe
as Newsboy
Ernest Anderson
as Doorman
Eddy Waller
as Mr. Brown
Chester Clute
as Conductor
Addison Richards
as Captain
Joseph Crehan
as Mr. Smith
George Chandler
as Customer


Charles David
Felix Jackson
Elwood Bredell
Miklos Rozsa
Composer (Music Score)
Ted Kent
Robert Clatworthy
Art Director
Howard Greer
Costume Designer
John P. Fulton
Special Effects
Leslie Charteris
Short Story Author