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Ladron Que Roba a Ladron Details


A pair of professional thieves find their complex plan to take a millionaire and popular television guru for all he's worth complicated by the fact that their old crew wants no part of the high-risk job in director Joe Menendez's tense crime caper. Emilio (Miguel Varoni) and Alejandro (Fernando Colunga) have hatched a plan for the perfect crime, but in order to carry out their caper the diabolical duo will need a crack crew who can stealthily inject themselves into the inner circle of their wealthy mark. Moctesuma Valdez is a man of power with many personal servants, and if Emilio and Alejandro's team can simply assume the guise of gardener, maid, or chauffer, they will be in the perfect position to strike when Valdez least expects it. When the skilled members of the regular team all reject the plan, Emilio and Alejandro are forced to hire "real" immigrants to get the job done. From electronics expert Julio to father/daughter transportation team Rafa and Rafaela and skilled disguise artist Miguelito it seems as if all of the elements have come together, but what to make of a crew who has all of the qualifications and no actual criminal experience? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 31, 2007


Fernando Colunga
as Alejandro
Miguel Varoni
as Emilio
Julie Gonzalo
as Gloria
Oscar Torre
as Miguelito
Gabriel Soto
as Anival
Ivonne Montero
as Rafaela
Saul Lisazo
as Moctezuma
Sonya Smith
as Veronica


Joe Menendez
Benjamin Odell
Ben Odell
Roni Egvia Menendez
James M. McNamara
Adam Silver
Andrés Levin
Composer (Music Score)
Joe Menendez
Christopher Tandon
Production Designer
Meta Valentic
Elaine Montalvo
Costume Designer
Rosalinda Morales
Costume Designer
Michelle Moran