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La Ciudad y los Perros Details


Originally released in its native Peru as Ciudad y los Perros, City and the Dogs is set in a brutal boy's military academy. [[Performer~P53786~Juan Manuel Ochoa~juanmanuelochoa]] plays a tough young cadet who rules a student clique called The Circle, which supplies the other boys with forbidden cigarettes, booze and pornography, and even provides answers to upcoming tests. When [[Performer~P53786~Ochoa~juanmanuelochoa]] is caught, he places blame on Eduardo Adriazen, the weakest member of the Circle. Adriazen informs on [[Performer~P53786~Ochoa~juanmanuelochoa]], who subsequently kills him. During the investigation of Adriazen's death, the academy tries to cover up the crime lest the institution be destroyed by the scandal. The principal whistle-blower, a sensitive young "outsider" ([[Performer~P64557~Pablo Serra~pabloserra]]), is himself discredited because it is he who has been writing the pornography that [[Performer~P53786~Ochoa~juanmanuelochoa]] has been selling. In a bleakly cynical climax, [[Performer~P53786~Ochoa~juanmanuelochoa]] is browbeaten by peer pressure into confessing, but the commanding officer ([[Performer~P9392~Gustavo Bueno~gustavobueno]]), looking out for his own future, refuses to listen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Pablo Serra
as Poet
Gustavo Bueno
as Lt. Gamboa
Liliana Navarro
as Teresa
Miguel Iza
as Arrospide


Jose Watanabe