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La Cintura di Castita Details


This romantic and sometimes ribald historical farce finds nobleman Guerrando (Tony Curtis) knighted in the days before the Crusades. He inherits a castle, tax-collecting rights, first choice of all the fair young maidens of the region, and a draft notice from the King. Boccadoro (Monica Vitti) is the liberal-minded forest woman who catches the eye of the young nobleman. Courtship, love and marriage follows, but the wedding night is interrupted by a call to arms. Guerrando and Boccadoro are unable to consummate the marriage, and a chastity belt is used to insure her virginal status. The young bride follows her husband's troop at a distance hoping to get her hand on the coveted key to the lock. Comedy ensues as the key changes hands several times before Guerrando ultimately regains possession and is able to unlock the passions of his love-starved wife. This overlong film can best described as a punchline in search of a joke. One gets the feeling that the producers had wanted to title the film Monica Vitti. As it stood, On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who... was too unwieldy for most theater marquees, necessitating the film's title-change to The Chastity Belt. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi


Tony Curtis
as Guerrando
Monica Vitti
as Boccadoro
Nino Castelnuovo
as Marculfo
Hugh Griffith
as Sultan of Bari
John Richardson
as Dragone
Ivo Garrani
as Duke of Pandolfo
Gabriella Giorgetti
as Bits
Francesco Mule
Umberto Raho
Franco Sportelli
as Bettuccio
Leopoldo Trieste
Franco Sportelli
as Bettuccio
Gabriella Giorgetti
as Bits


Pasquale Festa Campanile
Francesco Mazzei
Luigi Magni
Ugo Liberatore
Larry Gelbart
Carlo Di Palma
Riz Ortolani
Musical Direction/Supervision
Riz Ortolani
Composer (Music Score)
Gabrio Astori
Piero Poletto
Art Director
Danilo Donati
Costume Designer