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Jean-Claude Lauzon's highly praised film tells the strange story of Léolo, a young boy from Montréal. Told from Léolo's point-of-view, the film depicts his family of lunatics and Léolo's attempts to deal with them. Not one individual in the boy's life is well adjusted. His brother, after being beaten up, spends the film bulking up on growth protein. The grandfather hires half-naked girls to bite off his toenails and, in a brutal rage, almost kills Léolo. As he witnesses his family decay around him, Léolo retreats into himself and the fantasy world he has constructed. In response to the weirdness of his daily life, Léolo creates a little mental mayhem of his own which Lauzon renders in an amazing series of free-form, surreal images. Eventually, this precarious balance of reality and fantasy cracks and Léolo is hospitalized after attempting to murder his grandfather. The score by Tom Waits underscores the narrative arc of Léolo's breakdown. On its release, the film won numerous awards including the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Director (1992) and a Genie Award for Best Original Screenplay (1992). ~ Brian Whitener, Rovi

  • Release date:May 7, 1993


Awarded by
Genie Awards Jacques Plante Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Jean-Pierre Lelong Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Jocelyn Caron Best Sound 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Marcel Pothier Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Mathieu Beaudin Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Michel Arcand Best Editing 1992 Winner
Genie Awards Richard Gregoire Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Yvon Benoit Best Sound 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Jean-Claude Lauzon Best Original Screenplay 1992 Winner
Genie Awards Jean-Claude Lauzon Best Director 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards François Séguin Best Art Direction/Production Design 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Carole Gagnon Best Sound Editing 1992 Nominee
Genie Awards Francois Barbeau Best Costume Design 1992 Winner
Genie Awards Guy Dufaux Best Cinematography 1992 Nominee


Ginette Reno
as Mother
Roland Blouin
as Father
Julien Guiomar
as Grandfather
Pierre Bourgault
as The Word Tamer
Giudetta Del Vecchio
as Bianca
Andrée LaChapelle
as Psychiatrist
Denys Arcand
as Career Counselor
Germain Houde
as Teacher
Lorne Brass
as Fernand's Enemy
Gilbert Sicotte
as Narrator
Luc Proulx
as Fisher
Jacques Marcotte
as Fisher
Karen Murphy
Aron Tager
as Fishmonger
Marie-Helene Montpetit
as Nanette
Luc Proulx
as Fisher
Marie-Helene Montpetit
as Nanette
Aron Tager
as Fishmonger
Jacques Marcotte
as Fisher


Jean-Claude Lauzon
Lyse Lafontaine
Aimee Danis
Jean-Claude Lauzon
Guy Dufaux
Gilbert Becaud
Composer (Music Score)
Tom Waits
Composer (Music Score)
Michel Arcand
François Séguin
Production Designer
Jean-Francois Lepetit
Doris Girard
Associate Producer
Frances Calder
Set Designer
André Chamberland
Set Designer
Francois Barbeau
Costume Designer
Jacques Plante
Sound/Sound Designer
Yvon Benoit
Sound/Sound Designer
Jocelyn Caron
Sound/Sound Designer
Jean-Pierre Lelong
Sound Editor
Marcel Pothier
Sound Editor
Mathieu Beaudin
Sound Editor
Carole Gagnon
Sound Editor
Richard Gregoire
Sound Editor