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Kull the Conqueror Details


Inspired by the characters of Robert E. Howard (whose best-known creation was Conan The Barbarian), this epic tale of swords and sorcery stars Kevin Sorbo as Kull, a barbarian warrior who kills the King of Valusia in the midst of a battle; with his last breath, the monarch hands Kull his crown and names him as his successor. Kull soon learns that possessing great power brings you great enemies, as Taligaro (Thomas Ian Griffith), leader of Valusia's Royal Guard, plots to murder Kull and take his place on the throne. Meanwhile, Kull's love for the comely slave Zareta (Karina Lombard) is tested when his head is turned by the exotic Akivasha (Tia Carrere), though Kull doesn't know at first that the leather-clad temptress is actually a 3,000-year-old demon given human form by a sorceress. Between the treachery of Taligaro and Akivasha, Kull finds his life and leadership threatened at every turn, and he must count on the help of his friends Zareta, holy man Ascalante (Litefoot), and pirate Juba (Harvey Fierstein) if he is to survive as Valusia's leader and put an end to slavery and the subjugation of women. Kull the Conqueror was, in its first drafts, planned as the third film in the Harvey Fierstein series, and it marked the first starring film role for Kevin Sorbo, who rose to fame on the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 29, 1997


John Nicolella
Raffaella de Laurentiis
Rodney Charters
Joel Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Dallas Puett
Pier Luigi Basile
Art Director
Hester Hargett
Arthur Lieberman
Associate Producer
Jeff Franklin
Executive Producer
Steve Waterman
Executive Producer
Beverlee Dean
Executive Producer
Sibylle Ulsamer
Costume Designer
Thomas Casterline
Costume Designer
Reinhard Stergar
Sound/Sound Designer
Ian Wolff
First Assistant Director
Fran Joseph
Jerry Poteet
Elizabeth Hayden-Passero
Jeffery Passero
Giannetto De Rossi
Kit West
Special Effects Supervisor
Paul Weston
Stunts Coordinator