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Korogashi Ryota - Gekitotsu! Monster Bus Details


Manga, for those who have missed or bypassed learning about modern Japanese culture, are adult-oriented comic books. Actually, they are just comic books, but a great many are strictly for adults only. This is an incredibly popular art-form (for so it is considered) in Japan, and has inspired a vast output of films, most of them animated in some fashion. Hence, the anime (Japanese animated films) which have had such an impact on animation in the West were inspired by manga. Many of them are quite peculiar, and most of them are definitely not for children. This live-action and animated film captures the essence of a comic strip drawn by Hiroyuki Murata. In the story, the handsome hero is wildly irresponsible bus driver Ryota Korogashi, who must battle (among others) Reiko, a villainess who looks like one of the incredibly sultry and sexy Playboy drawings by Antonio Vargas. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Riki Takeuchi
as Ryota
Naomi Akimoto
as Reiko
Kazutaka Komai
as Takashi
Kenji Kasai
as Tajima
Shuji Kato
as Yoshimoto
Gao Ginji
as Tetsuji


Naoya Narita
Yoshiyuki Okuhara
Yuji Maruyama
Art Director
Kazuo Yabe