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For his feature debut, L.A.-born Hungary resident Nimród Antal made Kontroll, a farcical look at the Budapest subway system, about the crazy ticket agents who earn their living there and the hostile citizens they deal with on a daily basis. At the center of it all is Bulcsú (Sándor Csányi), a quiet fellow who leads his ragtag crew that includes the Professor (Zoltán Mucsi), the nagging, burned-out elder of the group; Muki (Csaba Pindroch), the goofy narcoleptic; the disheveled Lecsó (Sándor Badár); and the naïvely gung-ho new guy, Tibi (Zsolt Nagy). Bulcsú and his guys can't compete with the likes of Gonzó's (Balázs Mihályfi) top-notch crew, who gets all the perks and the best assignments. They're more concerned with just getting through each day in one piece, and it isn't always easy. In addition to the annoyed riders who bicker over having to show their tickets and passes, there's Bootsie (Bence Mátyássy), an energetic young man who plays pranks on the agents and runs very fast, and Sofie (Eszter Balla), the odd young woman who shows up on the train in a bear costume everyday and never pays her fare. Worst of all, there's a dark and mysterious figure who's been pushing unsuspecting riders in front of oncoming trains with predictably grisly results. His superiors begin to suspect Bulcsú when they realize he's been living in the system, spending his nights sleeping on the platforms, and never venturing above ground. Kontroll won Le Prix de la Jeunesse at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. It was also selected by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art for inclusion in the 2005 edition of New Directors/New Films. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:April 1, 2005


Sándor Csányi
as Bulcsú
Zoltan Mucsi
as Professor
Csaba Pindroch
as Muki
Sandor Badar
as Lecsó
Zsolt Nagy
as Tibi
Janos Derzsi
as Last Passenger
György Cserhalmi
as Big Boss
Eszter Balla
as Sofie
Balazs Lazar
as Big Guy
Karoly Horvath
as Tamas
Zsolt László
as Nub
Melinda Volgyi
as Woman With Big Breasts
Gyozo Szabo
as Shadow
Eniko Eszenyi
as Drunken Woman
Peter Scherer
as Supervisor
Janos Kulka
as Feri
Lajos Kovács
as Béla
Laszlo Nadasi
as Laci


Nimród Antal
Nimród Antal
Tamás Hutlassa
Krisztina Kelemen
Nimród Antal
Gyula Pados
Composer (Music Score)
István Király
Balazs Hujber
Production Designer
János Breckl
Costume Designer
Laszlo Janicsek
First Assistant Director
Gabor Piroch
Bela Gerner
Veronika Varjasi
Karoly Feher
Production Manager
Ernella Hortobagyi
Makeup Special Effects
Tamas Tamasi
Properties Master
Peter Ujvari
Adam Kliegl
First Assistant Camera
Attila Madaras
Sound Recordist
Tamas Janossa
Second Assistant Camera
Brigitta Szabo
Hair Styles
Jozsef Marton