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Knowing Details


A time capsule containing a cryptic message about the coming apocalypse sends a concerned father on a race to prevent the horrific events from unfolding as predicted in this sci-fi thriller directed by Alex Proyas (Alex Proyas) and starring Nicolas Cage. 1958: As the dedication ceremony for a newly constructed elementary school gets under way, a time capsule containing student drawings of the future is buried on the grounds and scheduled to be unearthed on the school's 50th anniversary. Instead of submitting a drawing, however, one little girl scribbles a series of seemingly random numbers on her paper before it is buried. Fifty years later, the time capsule is unearthed for a new generation of students to examine. Young Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) is one of those students. The mysterious sequence of numbers falling into his possession, Caleb takes the paper to his father, Professor John Koestler (Cage), for examination. Studying the numbers, Professor Koestler soon discovers that they aren't random at all, but an encoded message containing the precise dates, death tolls, and coordinates of every major disaster since the time capsule was buried. Not only that, but the document also indicates that there will be three more such events, the last of which indicates a doomsday scenario that appears directly tied to Professor Koestler and Caleb. His desperate plea to authorities falling on deaf ears, Professor Koestler realizes that his only hope for preventing more lives from being lost is to take personal action. Though the author of the prophecies is no longer living, Professor Koestler is eventually able to track down her daughter Diana Wayland (Rose Byrne), and granddaughter Abby, who reluctantly agree to aid in the investigation. As the final date on the list draws near, Professor Koestler enters into a frantic race against time to prevent destruction on a global scale, in the process realizing that in order to save millions of lives, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:March 20, 2009


Nicolas Cage
as John Koestler
Rose Byrne
as Diana
Chandler Canterbury
as Caleb Koestler
Ben Mendelsohn
as Phil Beckman
Lara Robinson
as Abby/Lucinda
Nadia Townsend
as Grace
Alethea McGrath
as Miss Taylor (2009)
Alan Hopgood
as Reverend Koestler
Adrienne Pickering
as Allison
Joshua Long
as Younger Caleb
David Lennie
as Principal Clark (1959)
Tamara Donnellan
as Lucinda's Mother
Travis Waite
as Lucinda's Father
Gareth Yuen
as Donald
Liam Hemsworth
as Spencer
Raymond Anthony Thomas
as Teacher
Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen
as Principal (2009)
Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik
as Carlpool Mate 1
Jake Bradley
as Boy
Jean-Michael Tan
as Carpool Mate 2
Nathaniel Kiwi
as Paramedic
Blair Venn
as Paramedic
Alyssa McClelland
as Flight Attendant
Ra Chapman
as Jessica
Benita Collings
as John's Mother
Verity Charlton
as Kim


Alex Proyas
Alex Proyas
Todd Black
Jason Blumenthal
Steve Tisch
Stiles White
Juliet Snowden
Stuart Hazeldine
Alex Proyas
Richard Kelly
Ryne Douglas Pearson
Ryne Douglas Pearson
Screen Story
Simon Duggan
Marco Beltrami
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Learoyd
Steven Jones-Evans
Production Designer
Andrew Walpole
Art Director
Ryne Douglas Pearson
David J. Bloomfield
Executive Producer
Topher Dow
Executive Producer
Norm Golightly
Executive Producer
Jane Mancini
Set Designer
Nicki Gardiner
Set Decorator
Terry Ryan
Costume Designer
Michael McMenomy
Sound/Sound Designer
Steve Andrews
First Assistant Director
Greg Apps
Andrew Plain
Supervising Sound Editor
John Santilli
Production Coordinator
Serena Gattuso
Production Coordinator
Rachel Boagey
Production Coordinator
Jennifer Cornwell
Unit Production Manager
Colleen Clarke
Post Production Supervisor
Aaron Kaplan
Co-Executive Producer
Sean Perrone
Co-Executive Producer
Phil Heywood
Re-Recording Mixer
Johnny Pacialeo
Second Assistant Director
Neri Kyle Tannenbaum
Unit Production Manager
Angelo Sahin
Special Effects Supervisor
Karen Mansfield
Script Supervisor