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King Solomon's Mines Details


MGM's expensive remake of the 1937 British adventure film [[Feature~V27414~King Solomon's Mines~kingsolomonsmines]] stars [[Performer~P28178~Stewart Granger~stewartgranger]] as fearless-explorer Alan Quartermaine, and [[Performer~P37896~Deborah Kerr~deborahkerr]] as the spunky Irish lass who hires him on to locate her husband. [[Performer~P37896~Kerr~deborahkerr]]'s spouse has disappeared somewhere in Africa while attempting to unearth the long-lost diamond mines of King Solomon. Quartermaine wants no part of so risky an undertaking until [[Performer~P37896~Kerr~deborahkerr]] waves 5000 pounds of sterling under his nose. Coming upon a Watusi tribe, the explorers discover that their taciturn native bearer ([[Performer~P66003~Siriaque~siriaque]]) is actually a deposed Watusi king, who intends to wrest the throne back from his usurpers. Quartermaine uses his wits to quell the natives and keep his party from being killed on the spot. The group finally reaches King Solomon's Mines, where rests the bones of [[Performer~P37896~Kerr~deborahkerr]]'s late husband. The ending of this version of [[Feature~V27414~King Solomon's Mines~kingsolomonsmines]] doesn't pack the same ironic punch as the climax of the 1937 version, but this MGMization is more concerned with the blossoming romance between the leading man and leading lady than with full fidelity to the [[Performer~P217384~H. Rider Haggard~hriderhaggard]] novel on which it is based. [[Feature~V27414~King Solomon's Mines~kingsolomonsmines]] was filmed on location in Africa, which proved an excellent decision in the long run: for several years afterward, MGM adventure films like [[Feature~V116067~Watusi~watusi]] (1959) and [[Feature~V114252~Trader Horn~traderhorn]] (1973) were able to economically lift huge chunks of Technicolor stock footage from [[Feature~V27414~King Solomon's Mines~kingsolomonsmines]]. The property would be remade once more in 1985, this time as an [[Feature~V158526~Indiana Jones~indianajones[filmseries]]] rip-off starring [[Performer~P12116~Richard Chamberlain~richardchamberlain]] and [[Performer~P68496~Sharon Stone~sharonstone]]. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:November 24, 1950


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ralph Winters Best Editing 1950 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Robert Surtees Best Cinematography - Color 1950 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Surtees Best Color Cinematography 1950 Winner


Stewart Granger
as Allan Quatermain
Deborah Kerr
as Elizabeth Curtis
Richard Carlson
as John Goode
Hugo Haas
as Van Brun
Lowell Gilmore
as Eric Masters
Andrew Marton
Henry Rowland
as Traum
John Banner
as Austin


Andrew Marton
Sam Zimbalist
Robert Surtees
Eric Maschwitz
Mischa Spoliansky
Ralph Winters
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Paul Groesse
Art Director
Keogh Gleason
Set Designer
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Walter Plunkett
Costume Designer