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King Kong Lives Details


Pandering über-producer Dino De Laurentiis followed his unnecessary 1976 remake of Dino De Laurentiis with this even more pointless sequel ten years later. Though the colossal ape Kong took a half-gainer off the World Trade Center for Jessica Lange at the previous film's climax, we are told at the sequel's outset that Kong survived and is being kept alive through artificial means by a secret scientific team (headed by Linda Hamilton in her pre-action-heroine days) dedicated to designing a synthetic replacement heart. When the hilariously huge device is deemed ready for implant, the scientists seek out the only known donor for the requisite blood transfusion: a female Kong, recently captured in Borneo by adventurer Brian Kerwin. Kong's luck turns out to be twofold: not only is the implant a success, the big lug now has a potential mate who's more his type. After Kong rescues his fellow captive, the amorous behemoths eventually thunder off to the mountains to make a great big baby. Director John Guillermin (who helmed the previous film) plays the unbelievably silly premise absolutely straight, including a hilarious heart-transplant scene featuring surgical tools the size of freeway signs, leading viewers to believe that the joke's on them for sitting through this inane exercise. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:December 19, 1986


Peter Elliott
as King Kong
Brian Kerwin
as Hank Mitchell
Linda Hamilton
as Amy Franklin
John Ashton
as Col. Nevitt
Peter Michael Goetz
as Dr. Ingersoll
Frank Maraden
as Dr. Benson Hughes
Mike Starr
as Cell Guard
Dandy Stevenson
as Mom
Dean Whitworth
as Hunter
Lou Criscuolo
as Faculty Doctor
Mac Pirkle
as Surgeon
David de Vries
as Tech
Jim Grimshaw
as Sergeant
Jeff Benninghofen
as 1rst Radioman
Jimmie Ray Weeks
as Maj. Peete
Mary Swafford
as Girl Friend
Elizabeth Hayes
as Reporter
Derek Pearson
as Youth
Hope Nunnery
as Lady in Phone Booth
Rod Davis
as TV Reporter
Leon Rippy
as Hunter
Wallace Merck
as Hunter
Marc Clement
as Crew Chief
Margaret Freeman
as Native Woman
Michael Forest
as Vance
Alan Sader
as Faculty Doctor
Herschel Sparber
as Hunter
Winston Hemingway
as Staff Sergeant
J. Michael Hunter
as Technician
Larry Sprinkle
as Journalist
Shannon Rowell
as Female in Crowd
Jack Maloney
as 1rst Wrangler
Larry Souder
as Faculty Dr.
Buck Ford
as Guard Sergeant
Duke Ernsberger
as Cell Guard
Jimmy Wiggins
as Boy Friend
Bernard Addison
as Captain
Bonnie Cook
as Tech
Don Law
as Security Chief
Ted Prichard
as Reporter
Gary Kaikaka
as Boat Skipper
Debbie McLeod
as Reporter
Robin Cahall
as Mazlansky
Tom Parkhill
as Radioman


John Guillermin
Martha Schumacher
Dino de Laurentiis
Ronald Shusett
Ronald Shusett
Steven Pressfield
Alec Mills
Malcolm Cooke
Peter Murton
Production Designer
Tony Reading
Art Director
Hugh Scaife
Set Designer
Clifford Capone
Costume Designer
Carlo Rambaldi
Special Effects
Giannetto De Rossi