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King Ralph Details


Sometimes a family title, among the nobility of England, goes to the "collateral" heirs -- people not in the direct line of decent, like cousins, great-nephews and the like. On rare occasions, these people are not even aware that they are about to be elevated to the House of Lords, and they have been living more-or-less ordinary lives. In this comedy, the family which lacks direct heirs is the Royal Family of England -- as all of the likely heirs have died one after the other in swift succession. In this comedy, the "collateral heir" is an exuberant, fence-busting All-American slob (and pretty good rock n' roll musician) by the name of Ralph ([[Performer~P27679~John Goodman~johngoodman]]). Unknown to him, his grandmother had an affair with a royal prince. Ralph's a good guy, and eager to please. He recognizes the importance of the royal hoopla to England and works very hard to fit in as its new designated king. He is assisted by the ever-unctuous, very serious family factotum Willingham ([[Performer~P53681~Peter O'Toole~peterotoole]]). The trouble is, he doesn't have instincts for politics English-style, and he is constantly "putting a foot wrong," as they might say. The most difficult situation for him is when he develops a new love interest, and she's not "acceptable" to the upper crust. In addition to being hounded by the tabloids, he finds that "the good of the state" requires that he drop his new girlfriend. Things really come to a head just before Ralph's coronation as king. Reviewers generally loathed this feel-good comedy, but audiences seem to have enjoyed it tremendously, and it has done well in video and TV airings. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:February 15, 1991


John Goodman
as Ralph
Peter O'Toole
as Willingham
John Hurt
as Lord Percival Graves
Camille Coduri
as Miranda
Richard Griffiths
as Phipps
Leslie Phillips
as Gordon
James Villiers
as Hale
Joely Richardson
as Princess Anna
Niall O'Brien
as McGuire
Julian Glover
as King Gustav
Judy Parfitt
as Queen Katherine
Ed Stobart
as Dysentery
Gareth Forwood
as Duke
Gedren Heller
as Punk Girl
Guy Fithen
as Bouncer
Caroline Paterson
as Counter Girl
Alan McMahon
as Assistant Photographer
Charlotte Pyecroft
as Dukette--Backup Singer
Dallas Adams
as MC Strip Club
Dawn Spence
as Chorus Girl
Mary Selway
Angus MacKay
as Assistant Tailor
Michael Johnson
as Hamilton
David Stoll
as Butler
Rudolph Walker
as King Mulambon
Cameron Blakely
as Graves's Photographer
Patrick Cremin
as Funeral Guard
Paul Beech
as Tailor
Richard Bebb
as Gamekeeper
Richard Whitmore
as Male Newscaster
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
as Royal Photographer
Sally Nesbitt
as Onlooker
Tim Seely
as King of England
Topaze Hasfal-School
as Backup Singer
Josanne Haydon-Pearce
as Chorus Girl
Ann Beach
as Miranda's Mother
Adele Lakeland
as Fanny Oakley
Jazzi Northover
as Chorus Girl
Jennie Stoller
as Female Newscaster
Ian Gelder
as Riding Instructor
Jack Smethurst
as Miranda's Father


David S. Ward
Jack Brodsky
David S. Ward
Emlyn Williams
Play Author
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
John Jympson
Simon Holland
Production Designer
Peter Walpole
Art Director
Clinton Cavers
Art Director
Julie Bergman
John Comfort
Mark Rosenberg
Executive Producer
Sydney Pollack
Executive Producer
Peter Walpole
Set Designer
Catherine Cooke
Costume Designer