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Kindergarten Cop Details


Arnold Schwarzenegger sheds his action image in Ivan Reitman's police comedy Kindergarten Cop, where he plays an undercover cop teaching a class of hyperactive six-year-olds. As the film begins, John Kimble (Schwarzenegger) and his partner Phoebe O'Hara (Pamela Reed) are in pursuit of notorious drug dealer Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson) and his scabrous mother Eleanor (Carroll Baker). John learns Cullen is searching for his ex-wife and his little boy, and Kimble plans to nail them when they find the former wife, who is believed to have $3 million of Cullen's drug profits. John and Phoebe follow the trail to Astoria, Oregon, where they believe Cullen's son is attending kindergarten. Although the child and his mother have changed names, John hopes they can pick up some clues. By coincidence, Phoebe used to be a schoolteacher and the school board permits her teach the kindergarten class, but Phoebe gets food poisoning and John is forced to teach the six-year-old whippersnappers himself. Along with lighthearted gags with the kids and the pursuit of the drug dealers, John has time for a little romance when he falls in love with one of the teachers (Penelope Ann Miller), who ends up surprising him with more than love. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:December 21, 1990


Arnold Schwarzenegger
as John Kimble
Penelope Ann Miller
as Joyce Paulmarie
Pamela Reed
as Phoebe O'Hara
Linda Hunt
as Miss Schlowski
Richard Tyson
as Cullen Crisp
Carroll Baker
as Eleanor Crisp
Joseph Cousins
as Dominic Paulmarie
Christian Cousins
as Dominic Paulmarie
Ed Crick
as Security Guard
Alix Koromzay
as Cindy
Frankie Avina
as Low Life #2
Galen Yuen
as Low Life
Gene Elman
as Judge
Amber Reaves
as Mary
Haley Urman
as Courtney
Michael Chapman
as Firefighter
Heidi Swedberg
as Joshua's Mother
Ian Baumer
as Sam
Amy Wald
as Sarah
Jason Reitman
as Jason
Jason Stuart
as Male Hairstylist
Jayne Brook
as Zach's Mother
John Hammil
as Zach's Father
Park Overall
as Samantha's Mother
Stephen Root
as Sheriff
Stephen Park
as Asst. to Salazar
Justin Page
as Zach
Kim Delgado
as Security Guard
Krystle Mataras
as Rina
Lee Dupree
as Low Life #4
Leo Lee
as Street Tough
Anne Merrem
as Nurse
Marissa Rosen
as Samantha
Medha Garg
as Latiana
Molly Cleator
as Schlowski's Assistant
Nicole Nagorsky
as Heather
Odette Yustman
as Rosa
Peter Rakow
as Joshua
Ray Glanzmann
as Security Guard
Richard Portnow
as Capt. Salazar
Robert Cave
as John
Ben Diskin
as Sylvester
Ben McCreary
as Lowell
Susan Burns
as Waitress
Tameka Runnels
as Keisha
Terry Golden
as Low Life #3
Tiffany Mataras
as Tina
Tom Kurlander
as Danny
Angela Bassett
as Stewardess
Adam Wylie
as Larry
Anthony Wong
as Tom
Cathy Moriarty
as Sylvester's Mother
Tom Dugan
as Crisp's Lawyer
Miko Hughes
as Joseph
Chi Muoi Lo
as Dope Dealer
Bob Nelson
as Henry
Sarah Rose Karr
as Emma
Ross Malinger
as Harvey
Peter Mark Vasquez
as Street Tough
Rick Jones
as Samantha's Father
Emily Ann Lloyd
as Jennifer
John Christian Graas
as Kevin
Catherine Reitman
as 3rd Grade Student
Charlie Holliday
as Customer - Daryl


Ivan Reitman
Ivan Reitman
Sheldon Kahn
Brian Grazer
Gordon A. Webb
Joe Medjuck
Herschel Weingrod
Murray Salem
Michael Chapman
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Wendy Greene Bricmont
Sheldon Kahn
Bruno Rubeo
Production Designer
Richard Mays
Art Director
Anne McCulley
Set Designer
Gloria Gresham
Costume Designer
Mario Roberts
Joel Kramer
Jeff Dawn