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Killer Tongue Details


If nothing else, this throwback to the old low-budget psychotronic films of the '50s and '60s is uniquely stylish, even kitschy. A Spanish-British production it is set in New Mexico (but filmed in Spain) and chronicles the twisted adventures of Candy, a thief and con artist who accidentally ingests part of a meteorite and grows an enormous serpentine talking tongue that has a special taste for human flesh. It all begins after Candy and her partner Johnny pull off their latest job. Johnny gets caught and takes the entire rap and Candy flees to a nunnery/gas station in the desert after hiding their loot. Her four pastel dyed poodles accompany her. Soon after her arrival, the meteor crashes as she eats soup with a bit of the space rock in it. She then gives some to the doggies. While the voracious alien appendage grows in her mouths, her poochies turn into drag queens. They help her procure a steady supply of food. Poor Candy tries to cut the horrible thing out of her mouth but to no avail. She finally begs Johnny to escape and help her. He does, but is pursued by a sadistic prison warden. Unfortunately Johnny gets too close to the meteorite as does a speechless nun. When that happens, real chaos ensues. The film contains gory scenes. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Alberto Sciamma
Christopher Figg
Andrés Vicente Gómez
Alberto Sciamma
Jeremy Gibbs
Jose Luis Del Barco
Production Designer
Jason Piette
Executive Producer
Michael Cowan
Executive Producer
Fernando Saez
Set Designer
John Krausa
Costume Designer
Alistair Crocker
Sound/Sound Designer
Denis Crossan
Camera Operator