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Killer Bud Details


Karl Hirsch directs this irrepressibly dumb buddy flick about pot, farts, and the CIA. Waylon (Corin Nemec) and Buzz (David Faustino) are a lifelong pals and lifelong losers; at the film's outset, they are canned from yet another job. After deciding to inaugurate their newly-unemployed status by looking for some women, they run into a couple of comely lasses (Caroline Keenan and Danielle Harris) who challenge them to do one thing right: to cross town and pick them up a particular snack-treat. A simple task, but then, they're simple guys. They end up breaking into a convenience store and get locked in. In the basement, they discover a huge pot-farming operation and proceed to smoke a lot of weed. This raises the ire of Fievel Tenenbaum (Maurice Chasse), a high school biology teacher-turned-ganja-growing gangsta and the Gooch (Robert Stack), a loose-cannon CIA operative who has gone a little funny in the head. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi


Betsy Chasse
Ellen Erwin
Richard Mann
Hank Nelken
Russ Landau
Composer (Music Score)
Carol Oblath
Jack Cloud
Production Designer
Beau Rogers
Executive Producer
David Forrest
Executive Producer
Kelly Zitrick
Costume Designer
Heather Johnston
Costume Designer
Dean Hovey
Sound/Sound Designer
Craig Connolly
First Assistant Director