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Kid Millions Details


Brooklyn tugboat worker Eddie (Eddie Cantor), bullied and cowed by his tough-guy stepfather and stepbrothers (a la Harold Lloyd's Harold Lloyd), inherits $77 million from his uncle, an Egyptologist. Con artist Dot (Ethel Merman) wants to get her lunchhooks on the money, and to this end offers herself as Eddie's adopted mother (never mind that she's nearly 20 years younger), intending to have her thuggish brother Louie (Warren Hymer) bump off our hero at the first opportunity. The nonsensical plotline ends up with Eddie, Dot, Louie, pompous Southern colonel Larrabee (Berton Churchill), and nominal romantic leads Jerry (George Murphy in his film debut) and Jane (Ann Sothern) trapped in the palace of Arab potentate Mulhulla (Paul Harvey). The better-than-average comic banter includes some funny bits between Cantor and Eve Sully, of the comedy team of "Block and Sully" (her husband-partner Jesse Block is also in the picture, but just barely). Spotted among the featured players in Kid Millions are such "Our Gang" members as Stymie Beard, Scotty Beckett and Tommy Bond, and there's a specialty by the Nicholas Brothers during Cantor's obligatory "blackface" number; and yes, that's Lucille Ball as a blonde Goldwyn Girl in the harem sequence. PS: According to Ethel Merman, the film's elaborate Technicolor ice-cream factory finale, in which Eddie allows dozens of tenement kids to gorge themselves on his tasty confections, posed censorship problems: while producer Sam Goldwyn was allowed to show the little boys with comically extended stomachs, he was not permitted to do so with the little girls, for fear that the audience might think the female moppets were pregnant! ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:November 10, 1934


Eddie Cantor
as Eddie Wilson, Jr.
Stanley Fields
as Oscar
Ann Sothern
as Joan Larrabee
Ethel Merman
as Dot Clark
Otto Hoffman
as Khoot
Paul Harvey
as Sheik Mulhulla
George Murphy
as Jerry Lane
Warren Hymer
as Louie the Lug
Berton Churchill
as Col. Larrabee
Art Mix
Clarence Muse
as Col. Witherspoon
Leonard Kibrick
as Leonard
Henry Kolker
as Attorney
Theodore Lorch
as Native Fakir
Ivan Linow
Bob Kortman
Caryl Lincoln
Edgar Kennedy
as Herman
Guy Usher
as William Slade
Leo Willis
Malcolm Waite
Zack Williams
Fred Warren
The Nicholas Brothers
as Specialty Number
Barbara Pepper
Constantine Romanoff
Mickey Rentschler
Lon Poff
as Recorder
George Regas
Louise Carver
as Native Woman
Harry C. Bradley
as Bartender
John Collum
Lynne Carver
Wally Albright
as Children on Tug
Lucille Ball
as A 1934 Goidwyn Girl
Bonnie Bannon
John Kelly
as Adolph
Carmencita Johnson
Bobby Jordan
as Tourist
Noble Johnson
as Attendant
Tor Johnson
as Torturer
Lalo Encinas
Charlie Hall
as Native
Harrison Greene
as Spielers
Larry Fisher
as Warrior


Roy Del Ruth
Samuel Goldwyn
Nat Perrin
Nunnally Johnson
Arthur Sheekman
Ray Rennahan
Ray June
Alfred Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Stuart Heisler
Richard Day
Art Director
Omar Kiam
Costume Designer