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Kicking and Screaming Details


Inspired by the advent of Seattle's grunge music sound and popular films such as (1991) and (1992), the Generation X comedy-drama was born. Typified by characters in their early twenties sharing an abundance of education, a lack of career direction, stunted romantic aspirations and an obsession with popular culture, one of the better examples of the genre was Kicking and Screaming. Josh Hamilton stars as Grover, a recent college graduate and aspiring writer depressed over the departure of his girlfriend Jane (Olivia d'Abo) for a fellowship in Prague. Josh's best friends are in a similar predicament. Skippy (Jason Wiles) is a classic slacker couch potato still attending classes despite having graduated, while the philosophical Max (Chris Eigeman) and Otis (Carlos Jacott), a mechanical engineer, both remain unemployed. Tenth-year student Chet (Eric Stoltz), who works at a local bar and has still not finished his education, serves as a cautionary tale for the four unmotivated pals. Kicking and Screaming was the debut of writer and director Noah Baumbach and the first of several cinematic collaborations between him and actors Eigeman and Stoltz. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:October 4, 1995


Josh Hamilton
as Grover
Olivia D'Abo
as Jane
Carlos Jacott
as Otis
Christopher Eigeman
as Max
Eric Stoltz
as Chet
Parker Posey
as Miami
Jason Wiles
as Skippy
Elliott Gould
as Grover's Dad
Catherine Kellner
as Gail
Sal Viscuso
as Bar Teacher
Peter Czernin
as Lester
Sam Gould
as Pete
John Lehr
as Louis
Dean Cameron
as Zach
Cara Buono
as Kate
Noah Baumbach
Eliza Roberts
as Josselyn
Perrey Reeves
as Amy
Marissa Ribisi
as Charlotte
David DeLuise
as Bouncer
Richard Tacchino
as Singing Freshman #2


Noah Baumbach
Mark Amin
Joel Castleberg
Sandy Gallin
Noah Baumbach
Steven Bernstein
Phil Marshall
Composer (Music Score)
J. Kathleen Gibson
Dan Whifler
Production Designer
Phillip B. Goldfine
Andrew Hersh
Jeremy Kramer
Associate Producer
Jason Blum
Associate Producer
Carol Baum
Executive Producer
Mary Jane Fort
Costume Designer
Ellie Kanner
Oliver Berkman
Short Story Author