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Kickboxer Details


Jean Claude Van Damme kicks up his heels once again in this action film. Van Damme plays Kurt Sloane, the brother of American kickboxing champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio). Having bested the best in the United States, Eric takes off to Bangkok with little brother Kurt to defeat the kickboxing champion of Thailand. However, while Eric wins the fight, his career is finished for good when his opponent, the malicious Tong Po (Michel Qissi) breaks his spine after the final bell sounds, putting Eric permanently in a wheelchair. Kurt learns the sport of kickboxing himself, so he can get in the ring and teach the Thai champ a lesson. An old man who is a master at kickboxing, instructs Kurt in the brutal art, along with gentle bromides of Zen philosophy and spiritual peace. Kurt finally becomes a pro and lines up a match with Tong Po, but to insure victory, Tong Po's cohorts rape Kurt's girlfriend, kidnap his crippled brother, and even kill his dog. But Kurt is unbowed and is ready for the champ to meet his match. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:September 8, 1989


Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Karl Sloane
Dennis Alexio
as Eric Sloane
Dennis Chan
as Xiao
Tong Po
as Tong Po
Rochelle Ashana
as Mylee
Brad Kerner
as US Announcer
Nickolas James
as US Reporter
Dean Harrington
as US Announcer
Pairat Lavilard
as Gym Officer
Tony Chan
as Huge Village Man
Montri Vongbuter
as Ancient Warrior
Mark di Salle
as US Reporter
Mandy Chan
as Nurse
Kanthima Vutti
as Eric's Girl
Mathew Cheung
as Surgeon
John Ladalski
as US Referee
Amnart Komolthorn
as Ancient Warrior
Louis Roth
as US Reporter
Ricky Liu
as Big Thai Man
Zennie Reynolds
as US Fighter
Michael Lee
as Old Man in Village
Richard Foo
as Tao Liu
Stephen Lee
as Freddy Li


David Worth
Mark di Salle
Mark di Salle
Mark di Salle
Screen Story
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Screen Story
Glenn Bruce
Jon Kranhouse
David Chackler
Musical Direction/Supervision
Paul Hertzog
Composer (Music Score)
Wayne Wahrman
Shay Austin
Production Designer
Sita Yeung
Art Director
Dr. Charles Wang
Associate Producer
Lennart Bang
Special Effects
Tuffy Lau
Special Effects
Samrit Sripaitakkulvilai
Special Effects
John Cheung
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Fights Choreographer