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[[Performer~P83159~Richard Brooks~richardbrooks]] and [[Performer~P95260~John Huston's~johnhuston]] screenplay for Huston's Key Largo eschews the lofty blank verse of [[Performer~P79634~Maxwell Anderson's~maxwellanderson]] original play, concentrating instead on the simmering tensions among the many characters. [[Performer~P7027~Humphrey Bogart~humphreybogart]] plays Frank McCloud, an embittered war veteran who travels to Key Largo in Florida, there to meet Nora Temple ([[Performer~P3116~Lauren Bacall~laurenbacall]]), the wife of his deceased war buddy. Arriving at a tumbledown hotel managed by Nora's father-in-law James Temple ([[Performer~P4295~Lionel Barrymore~lionelbarrymore]]), McCloud discovers that the establishment has been taken over by exiled gangster Johnny Rocco ([[Performer~P60775~Edward G. Robinson~edwardgrobinson]]) and what's left of his mob. Also in attendance is Gaye Dawn ([[Performer~P71758~Claire Trevor~clairetrevor]]), Rocco's alcoholic girlfriend. While the others bristle at the thought of being held at bay by the gangsters, the disillusioned McCloud refuses to get involved: "One Rocco more or less isn't worth dying for." As he awaits a contact who is bringing him enough money to skip the country, Rocco is responsible for the deaths of a deputy sheriff and two local Indian youth. Unwilling to take a stand before these tragedies, McCloud finally comes to realize that Rocco is a beast who must be destroyed. To save the others from harm, McCloud agrees to pilot Rocco's boat to Cuba through the storm-tossed waters. Just before McCloud leaves, Gaye Dawn slips him a gun -- which leads to the deadly final confrontation between McCloud and Rocco. His resolve to go on living renewed by this cathartic experience, McCloud heads back to Nora, with whom he's fallen in love. [[Performer~P71758~Claire Trevor~clairetrevor]]'s virtuoso performance as a besotted ex-nightclub singer won her an Academy Award -- as predicted by her admiring fellow actors, who watched her go through several very difficult scenes in long, uninterrupted takes. While Key Largo sags a bit during its more verbose passages, on a visual level the film is one of the best and most evocative examples of the "film noir" school. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 16, 1948


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Claire Trevor Best Supporting Actress 1948 Winner


Humphrey Bogart
as Frank McCloud
Edward G. Robinson
as Johnny Rocco
Monte Blue
as Sheriff Ben Wade
Lauren Bacall
as Nora Temple
Lionel Barrymore
as James Temple
Claire Trevor
as Gaye Dawn
Thomas Gomez
as Curley Hoff
William Haade
as Ralph Feeney
Marc Lawrence
as Ziggy
Rodd Redwing
as Tom Osceola
John Rodney
as Deputy Clyde Sawyer
Dan Seymour
as Angel Garcia
Pat Flaherty
as Man
John Phillips
as Ziggy's Henchman
Jay Silverheels
as John Osceola
Jerry Jerome
as Ziggy's Henchman
Alberto Morin
as Skipper
Luther Crockett
as Ziggy's Henchman


John Huston
Jerry Wald
John Huston
Maxwell Anderson
Play Author
Richard Brooks
Karl W. Freund
Ralph Rainger
Featured Music
Max Steiner
Composer (Music Score)
Rudi Fehr
Dolph Thomas
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert Burks
Special Effects
William McGann
Special Effects
Perc Westmore
Wally Westmore