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Kangaroo Jack Details


Two low-level American crooks head to Australia, where they match wits with a kangaroo (who appears to have an intellectual edge on his pursuers) in this broad comedy. Charlie Carbone (Jerry O'Connell) is a hairdresser from Brooklyn whose best friend, Louis Booker (Anthony Anderson), scrapes together a living moving stolen merchandise. Charlie's stepfather, Sal Maggio (Christopher Walken), is a crime kingpin who has loaned Charlie a lot of money and wants to know when he'll get it back; Sal's not especially fond of Louis, especially after he and Charlie accidentally lead the police to a storehouse of burgled goods owned by Sal. Charlie owes Sal a big favor, and Sal wants Charlie and Louis out of his hair for a while, so Sal sends them to Australia, where they're to deliver a large amount of cash to a mysterious Mr. Smith (Marton Csokas). En route to their meeting in the outback, Charlie and Louis accidentally run over a kangaroo, and the half-bright tourists decide to dress the dead marsupial in sunglasses and Louis' favorite jacket for snapshots. However, the animal wasn't as dead as they imagined, and it soon hops away, shortly after Louis realizes the payment to Mr. Smith was in the pocket. Now Louis and Charlie are out to find the fast-moving critter, with the help of Jessie (Estella Warren), a wildlife expert; Mr. Jimmy (David Ngoombujarra), a wilderness guide; and Blue (Bill Hunter), a pilot familiar with the outback. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:January 17, 2003


David McNally
Jerry Bruckheimer
Barry O'Brien
Screen Story
Scott Rosenberg
Steve Bing
Steve Bing
Screen Story
Peter Menzies, Jr.
John Murray
William C. Goldenberg
George Liddle
Production Designer
Brian Edmonds
Art Director
Pat Sandston
Associate Producer
Kristie Anne Reed
Associate Producer
Andrew Mason
Executive Producer
Mike Stenson
Executive Producer
Chad Oman
Executive Producer
Barry H. Waldman
Executive Producer
Judith Harvey
Set Designer
Eliza Godman
Costume Designer
Jon Boyden
Costume Designer
Gary Wilkins
Sound/Sound Designer
David P.I. James
Visual Effects Producer
Michael Belzer
Animation Director