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Kaj Ti Je Deklica Details


Post-war Yugoslavia, out of favor with the Soviets because President Tito (1953-1980) was not communist enough and disliked by the Western powers because Tito was not capitalist enough, had to pull itself up by its own make-shift bootstraps. During a period of flagging morale, a group of musicians was sent out from a radio station to entertain the farmers and workers but instead of staying with the traditional songs, the musicians devise one trick or another to swing into jazz and blues and boogie-woogie -- trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the militant culture watchdogs, be they policemen, petty bureaucrats, or party officials. However tone deaf they may be, the guardians of politically correct music usually catch the banned sounds -- and so the musicians have to keep their battered truck at the ready for a hasty getaway whenever needed. Not all is fun and games, as the shocking ending soon proves -- slightly out of sync with the mood until then. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


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