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Just One of the Guys Details


In this uneven teen comedy, an aspiring female high-school journalist assumes a fake male identity after her essay on just that subject -- a woman posing as a male jock -- is rejected in a contest. Miffed by what she assumes is a bias against her gender in the rejection of her essay, Terry (Joyce Hyser) dons the right garb, gets a new haircut, drops her voice down to a suitable male-sounding register and passes herself off as a guy (okay, not believably, but one is willing to go along with the conceit to see what happens). As she soon discovers, moments in the locker room and at phys ed classes can be harrowing, but worse yet, she becomes seriously enamored of Rick (Clayton Rohner) a quiet, good-looking guy who does not run with either the macho or preppie pack. How can she broach the subject of her real identity? Terry's friends have their own romantic interests, all of which are resolved at the high school prom. It just had to be -- this film was followed by one titled Just One of the Girls with another director, and a male cross-dresser as the featured protagonist. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Joyce Hyser
as Terry
Clayton Rohner
as Rick
Billy Jayne
as Buddy
William Zabka
as Greg
Toni Hudson
as Denise
Sherilyn Fenn
as Sandy
Deborah Goodrich
as Deborah
Leigh McCloskey
as Kevin
Arye Gross
as Willie
Robert Fieldsteel
as Phil
Stuart Charno
as Reptile
John Apicella
as Coach Morrison
Kenneth Tigar
as Mr. Raymaker
Mickey Guinn
as Security Guard
Emily Ragsdale
as English Teacher
Katy Boyer
as Jeanine
Frank Sprague
as Mr. Grasso
Steven Basil
as Mark
Anthony Galde
as Ralph
Tony Brock
as Prom Band
Annette Benson
Ramon Chavez
as Mr. Mendosa
Brian Melrose
as Boy in Locker Room


Lisa Gottlieb
Andrew Fogelson
Dennis Feldman
Jeff Franklin
Jon Reede
Preston Glass
Marvin Morrow
Stephen Geyer
Tom Scott
Composer (Music Score)
Lou Lombardo
Tony Lombardo
Don Goldman
Production Designer
Paul Peters
Production Designer
Dennis Feldman
Peck Prior
Associate Producer
Don McFarlane
Associate Producer
Jeff Franklin
Executive Producer
Richard Reams
Set Designer
George Little
Costume Designer
Frank Westmore
David Quaschnick