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Justine (Anouk Aimee) is a Jewish prostitute living in Egypt who manages to sleep her way to the top. Marrying a financial minister, Justine works her way up from her beginnings as a hooker, but continues to use her sexual allure as a tool to win her and her husband's ends. Along the way, she helps the Jews fight for their own homeland against the British and Arabs. The story is told from the perspective of the English nobleman Darley (Michael York), who first meets the temptress in 1938. The Jews in Egypt are continually pressured by the Moslem majority, who also persecute local Coptic Christians. Justine helps both Christians and Jews in Alexandria receive fair treatment despite religious and racial prejudice. Dirk Bogarde and Anna Karina also star in this story tinged with adultery, incest, homosexuality and religious and nationalistic fervor. This story is based on the novel Justine, one of four which comprise the Alexandria Quartet, by British diplomat and novelist Lawrence Durrell. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Anouk Aimée
as Justine
Dirk Bogarde
as Pursewarden
Anna Karina
as Melissa
Philippe Noiret
as Pombal
Michael York
as Darley
Cliff Gorman
as Toto
Marcel Dalio
as French Consul General
Michael Dunn
as Mnemjian
Robert Forster
as Narouz
John Vernon
as Nessim
George Baker
as Mountolive
Elaine Church
as Liza
Michael Constantine
as Memlik Pasha
Amapola Del Vando
as Mrs. Serapamoun
Abraham Sofaer
as Proprietor
Peter Mamakos
as Kawwass
Stanley Waxman
as Serapamoun
DeAnn Mears
as Woman At Ball
Tutte Lemkow
as Prisoner
Jack Albertson
as Cohen
Vanessa del Rio
Barry Morse
as Maskelyne
Severn Darden
as Balthazar
Jack Albertson
as Cohen
Barry Morse
as Maskelyne


George Cukor
Pandro S. Berman
Lawrence Durrell
Book Author
Arpad de Riso
Leon Shamroy
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Rita Roland
Jack Martin Smith
Art Director
Fred Harpman
Art Director
Walter Scott
Set Designer
Raphael Bretton
Set Designer
Irene Sharaff
Costume Designer
Aaron Haddad