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Jungle Queen: Chapter 13 - Secret of the Sword Details

  • Runtime: 15 min.
  • Genres: Jungle Film, Adventure


Although he appeared to have become crocodile food in chapter 12, the final episode of Jungle Queen reveals that Chuck Kelly (Eddie Quillan) was saved in the nick of time by the Jungle Queen herself, Lothel (Ruth Roland), who managed to lure the beasts away with slaps of fresh meat. Emerging further down the river, Chuck is caught by Maati (Napoleon Simpson) and his warriors and is soon reunited with his friends, all now captives of the Nazis. In possession of the secret sword of Tongghili, Maati can now take the throne as the all-powerful Judge of the Middle Jungle tribes but Lothel arrives to prove that the sword he is carrying is a fake. With Maati in disgrace, Kypa (Clarence Muse), the rightfully elected Judge, kills Lang (Douglass Dumbrille) while Lothel finishes off the nasty Elise Bork (Tala Birell). In London two months later, Mr. X. Lumsden Hare receives a parcel from Lothel containing the identities of all the Nazi spies in Europe as jotted down by the late but efficient Dr. Bork. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi