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Julius Caesar Details


Except for the omission of several passages in the original play, this 1970 adaptation of Julius Caesar faithfully retells Shakespeare's account of events surrounding the assassination of Caesar in 44 B.C. The film begins when Caesar John Gielgud is at the height of his power after conquering Pompey "the Great" in a civil war. Important senators worry that Caesar means to become king, diminish their power, and abolish their beloved Roman republic. Two senators, Cassius Richard Johnson and Brutus Jason Robards, hatch an assassination plot involving other disenchanted Roman citizens. Although a soothsayer warns Caesar of trouble ("Beware the ides of March") and his own wife reports ominous signs ("A lioness hath whelped in the streets; and graves have yawn'd, and yielded up their dead"), Caesar decides to go to the senate on the ides (March 15). Upon arrival, the conspirators greet him with daggers. In his funeral oration, Mark Antony Charlton Heston extols Caesar and incites the citizens against Brutus and the other conspirators. Brutus and Cassius flee Rome with their armies, but Antony and two other sympathizers track them down with their armies. When the tide turns against the conspirators, Brutus and Cassius commit suicide. As does Shakespeare's play, the film leaves the discerning viewer wondering who was the real villain -- Caesar, because of his ambition for power, or Brutus, because of his underhanded plot to maintain the status quo. ~ Mike Cummings, Rovi


Charlton Heston
as Marc Antony
Jason Robards, Jr.
as Brutus
John Gielgud
as Julius Caesar
Richard Johnson
as Cassius
Robert Vaughn
as Casca
Richard Chamberlain
as Octavius Caesar
Diana Rigg
as Portia
Jill Bennett
as Calpurnia
Christopher Lee
as Artemidorus
Norman Bowler
as Titinius
David Dodimead
as Lepidus
Peter Eyre
as Cinna The Post
Michael Gough
as Metellus Cimber
Paul Hardwick
as Messala
Laurence Harrington
as Carpenter
Thomas Heathcote
as Flavius
Preston Lockwood
as Trebonius
John Moffatt
as Popilius Lena
Andre Morell
as Cicero
Linbert Spencer
Christopher Cazenove
as Servant to Antony
Edwin Finn
as Publius
Ewan Hooper
as Strato
Robin Chadwick
as Servant to Octavius
Damien Thomas
as Pindarus
Ken Hutchison
Derek Hardwick
as 3rd Plebian
David Leland
as Plebians
Ron Pember
as Cobbler


Cedric Messina
Henry T. Weinstein
Robert Furnival
William Shakespeare
Play Author
Ken Higgins
Eric Boyd-Perkins
Julia Trevelyan Oman
Production Designer
Maurice Pelling
Art Director
Henry T. Weinstein
Executive Producer
Robin Archer
Costume Designer
Cliff Sharpe