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Julia Misbehaves Details


After suffering nobly in several heavyweight MGM dramas, [[Performer~P26066~Greer Garson~greergarson]] and [[Performer~P56729~Walter Pidgeon~walterpidgeon]] begged the studio to cast them together in a comedy. Though not an all-out laff riot, Julia Misbehaves strives hard to please. [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] plays an ever-in-debt British music-hall performer who relies on the largess of her friends to keep the wolf from the door. [[Performer~P56729~Pidgeon~walterpidgeon]] portrays [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]]'s ex-husband, who for the past 20 years has lived in Paris with their daughter [[Performer~P70015~Elizabeth Taylor~elizabethtaylor]]. When [[Performer~P70015~Taylor~elizabethtaylor]] becomes engaged, she sends [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] a wedding invitation. Broke again, [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] hastily joins an acrobatic act to earn steerage money, and charms British nobleman [[Performer~P9129~Nigel Bruce~nigelbruce]] into giving her enough cash for a wedding present. Once she arrives in Paris, [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] sticks her nose into everyone's affairs, much to the dismay of the uptight [[Performer~P56729~Pidgeon~walterpidgeon]]. [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] even advises daughter [[Performer~P70015~Taylor~elizabethtaylor]] to marry someone other than her betrothed. Despite her screwball behavior, [[Performer~P56729~Pidgeon~walterpidgeon]] can't help falling in love with [[Performer~P26066~Garson~greergarson]] all over again--but it takes a zany sequence in and around a mountain chalet to knot together the many loose plotlines. Julia Misbehaves was adapted from The Nutmeg Tree, a novel by Margery Sharp. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Greer Garson
as Julia Packett
Walter Pidgeon
as William Sylvester Packett
Peter Lawford
as Ritchie Lorgan
Elizabeth Taylor
as Susan Packett
Cesar Romero
as Fred Gennochio
Lucile Watson
as Mrs. Packett
Nigel Bruce
as Col. Willowbrook
Mary Boland
as Mrs. Gennochio
Reginald Owen
as Bennie Hawkins
Henry Stephenson
as Lord Pennystone
Aubrey Mather
as Vicar
Ian Wolfe
as Hobson
Fritz Feld
as Pepito
Phyllis Morris
as Daisy
Veda Ann Borg
as Louise
Shirley Ballard
Edmund Breon
as Jamie
Jean del Val
as Croupier
Art Foster
James Fairfax
Susan Perry
as Girls in Hotel Lobby
Harry Allen
Michael Kent
as Acrobatic Troupe
Joi Lansing
Connie Leon
Alphonse Martell
as Frenchman in Theater
Ray Saunders
Lola Albright
Nan Boardman
as Saleslady
Stanley Fraser
as Pawn Shop Clerk
Victor Wood
as Postman
Ruth Hall
Jimmy Aubrey
as Drunk
Winifred Harris
as Lady Pennystone
Cyril Thornton
Marcelle Corday
as Gabby
Almira Sessions
as Women in Street
Kay Norton
Mitchell Lewis
as Train Official
Torben Meyer
as Commissar
Marjorie Jackson
as Mannequin
Ottola Nesmith
David Thursby
as English Sailor
Elspeth Dudgeon
as Woman in Pawn Shop
Sidney D'Albrook
as Waiter in Pub
George Goldsmith


Jack Conway
Margery Sharp
Book Author
Monckton Hoffe
William Ludwig
Arthur Wimperis
Harry Ruskin
Gina Kaus
Joseph Ruttenberg
Adolph Deutsch
Composer (Music Score)
Jerry Seelen
Hal Borne
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects
Jack Dawn