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Jules and Jim Details


Acclaimed French director François Truffaut's third and, for many viewers, best film is an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roché. Set between 1912 and 1933, it stars Oskar Werner as the German Jules and Henri Serre as the Frenchman Jim, kindred spirits who, while on holiday in Greece, fall in love with the smile on the face of a sculpture. Back in Paris, the smile comes to life in the person of Catherine (Jeanne Moreau); the three individuals become constant companions, determined to live their lives to the fullest despite the world war around them. When Jules declares his love for Catherine, Jim agrees to let Jules pursue her, despite his own similar feelings; Jules and Catherine marry and have a child (Sabine Haudepin), but Catherine still loves Jim as well. An influential film that has grown in stature over the decades, Jules et Jim was often viewed by the counterculture of the 1960s as a cinematic proponent of the free-love movement, but in actuality the picture is a statement against such a way of life. Despite the bond shared by Jules, Jim, and Catherine, their ménage à trois is doomed to fail; and Catherine's inability to choose between the two men leads to tragic consequences for all three. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

  • Release date:May 17, 1962


Awarded by
British Academy of Film and Television Arts François Truffaut Best Film - Any Source 1962 Nominee


Jeanne Moreau
as Catherine
Oskar Werner
as Jules
Henri Serre
as Jim
Marie Dubois
as Therese
Vanna Urbino
as Gilberte
Boris Bassiak
as Albert
Sabine Haudepin
as Sabine
Jean-Louis Richard
as 1st Customer in Cafe
Michel Subor
as Narrator
Michel Varesano
as 2nd Customer in Cafe
Danielle Bassiak
as Albert's companion
Pierre Fabre
as Drunkard in Cafe
Elen Bober
as Mathilde
Dominique Lacarriere
as One of the women
Bernard Largemains
as Merlin


François Truffaut
Marcel Berbert
François Truffaut
Jean Gruault
Raoul Coutard
Georges Delerue
Composer (Music Score)
Boris Bassiak
Claudine Bouché
Fred Capel
Production Designer
Fred Capel
Costume Designer